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Arthritis Pain?

What does arthritis feel like? At 36, I hope I’m too young for this. My right hand middle finger has been aching a lot the last few days. The pain is down at the base of the finger at the joint where the finger meets the hand. The pain is particularly strong when utilizing gripping strength or carrying things. There doesn’t seem to be any swelling and pressure/prodding doesn’t incite pain. Any thoughts?


I am 37 and was diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back. My lower back is always very stiff and aches a lot mostly in the morning or when I get up after sitting a while. Some days it hurts all day long and I can’t turn at the waist without pain. That’s about all I know of it first hand.

Get some Glucosamine and MSM.

You can get arthritis at ANY age.

Try the glucos pills and fish oil caps…that might help.


First the bad news! You are at the perfect age for this to begin happening. I was 35 when I first noticed right middle finger pain. It was an old injury that I got back in my 20’s. It came to revisit in the form of Arthitis.

Now the good news! A few years after this I found a supplement called Glucosamine. Since taking this one supplement my finger has since returned to normal. I know that this one supplement does the trick because I tested it. I stopped taking the Glucosamine for three weeks and the pain returned. It takes about 30 days (give or take) for the supplement to begin helping you. I take three 500Mg doeses per day for a total of 1500Mg in one day.

To add to the joint regime a few years ago I began taking MSM, Fish Oil and Boswellia. Rather than have me explain the benefits of each simply do a google search. The experts can tell you a great deal more than I can.

I will tell you that I am now 49 years of age and I have no joint pain of any kind!

Good Luck,


Thanks guys.