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Arthritis in Right Shoulder

I recently confirmed through an X-ray that I have arthritis in my right shoulder. My doctor told me my options were to get a cortisol shot (which I did) and/or eventually get surgery where a portion of my bone will be removed as the buffer between bones is basically gone. I was in martial arts for years and performed weight lifting years after that. Recently I’ve been attending an Obstacle Course gym. It’s hard to tell why the injury occurred, it could be from something as simple as putting a book bag on for years.

Overall, my pain is gone from my right shoulder unless I really press it, but that’s temporary with the shot. Further, I was performing cleans the other night and noticed decreased capability.

Has anyone else had this type of injury before? If so, what’re some exercises to stay away from? What has longevity, as I’m fairly young at 33.

The next time when a doctor want to give you a corstisone injection, tell him to shove it up it’s bum. Please, do not ever take cortisone injections. Perhaps you can get away with one shot, but is can further weaken your tendons and connective tissue. And eventually lead to rupture.

An obstacle course gym seems like a lot of fun, but the movements performed can be harsh on the joints and tendons. Don’t know what level the classes are that they throw at you from the start. But take a step back to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and scapula stabilization. From there try to regain some strenght with isolated or compound exercises of the shoulder. When rehabbing your shoulder, out of a 10-point scale, don’t let the pain go over a 4. This is a good measure to know what you are doing targets the right structure, but you are not overdoing it. And if you don’t feel good about it, don’t do it.

Build some tendon resilience first before going back to obstacle training. For further tendon health: stay away from processed sugars and eat enough meat.

I forgot to add in a sentence claiming that while the injury is most likely due to my exercise habits over the past 15 years, it could have also been triggered by day to day activities.

I put off the shot and didn’t exercise as intensely for a few months after it was initially suggested to me. While the pain got a bit better, it still felt like a pinch in my shoulder.

I haven’t participated in any obstacle work in months. I’ve been going to a class that is strength focused with compound movements. Mostly, I’ve been sticking to that. If there are any other exercises you recommend incorporating let me know.