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Arthritis in Hip. Training Advice?


Got diagnosed with Arthritis in my hip yesterday. Need to determine what excercises I should be avoiding and what I should be doing to help


More information would be greatly helpful....

Such as:
Your age? height? weight? bf%? training history?
What activities seem to bother you?
What type of physician told you that you had arthritis in your hip and how did he/she come to that conclusion?
What do you currently do for a training/lifting protocol?
Did you ask your physician about what exercises you should avoid and what would help?


I am 6'0, 190, 45, doctor was a general prac., diagnosed with ex rays, his office was packed that day and he did not spend a ton of time with me after the diagnosis. He referee me to a physical therapist group that is outside my ins. Network. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue in the forum. I have recently been doing the 6 weeks to Superman program. I also play a lot of golf. Both of which appear to have taken a toll on my hip. I need to alter my training and golf swing.