Arthritic Thumbs

I have developed severe Basal Arthritis in both thumbs. Would anyone with this issue please let me know what and how is the best way to wrap both thumbs to decrease the pain while lifting and afterwards! Thanks

My dad had arthritis in his thumbs. If I recall correctly it started in his mid-50’s. I too got sore thumbs, I have managed to keep the pain low enough that it didn’t affect my lifting.

I started taking a tablespoon of fish oil every day.

Thank you! I am 58 and mine started about 3-4 years ago. Fish oil is already a part of my supplement regime. I believe what I am looking for is advice on how to wrap and/or splint my thumbs. I have seen some suggestions that make the case for more “padding” in my hands. All I know is that what I am doing is not working, lol!

Can you tell us what you are doing or have tried?

Yes. I have tried multiple wrist wraps from Elite Fitness, Rogue, etc. I have tried Thumb Spica appliances as well. The padding of my thumbs are not very thick as well. I have attempted some rehab via massage and stretching on my thumbs, but nothing seems to work!
What I usually end up doing is just wrapping as close to that thumb joint as possible. Any advice or guidance would be so appreciated!


I wish I could help. It sounds like you have tried most options. I don’t have any experience with arthritis in my thumbs but absolutely wrecked one last year when the wind caught a piece of sheet metal I was cutting. Best thing I have found is the coban for horses at TSC. My feet get wrecked when things start to get heavy for me, so I bind the arches with the horse tape.

Hopefully someone will come along and be more helpful.

Maybe @Dr_Grove_Higgins has some ideas.

I really appreciate you input! I will give the tape a try!

Thank you

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How much ch fish oil?

I don’t know about arthritis, but once I got “De Quervain’s Syndrome” which is like tendonitis where the wrist and thumb come together. Like the “base” not the “digit.”

Anyway, that shit hurt for months. Pushing the lawn mower was like the worst. Finally I tried using the Wrist Roller to train that tissue, and everything felt better in a couple weeks.

Guys, I hope this is helpful. A short video on what to do for thumb pain due to arthritis.

  1. Curcumin (2x/2x/day): Micellar Curcumin™ - Biotest
  2. Mobilisation: Thumb Wave
  3. Thumb distraction
  4. Tape for protection

4-5 grams per day

Thank you

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Fantastic info! Thank you! Right now, I can barely get my thumbs to touch the bottoms of my pinky ring! I will try the mobilization and distraction! I already take curcumin.

Thank you