Arthritic Making Progress

I posted a while back when I first came to T-Nation.  

Progress, slow. but sure!

I?m 48. My hat is off to you. It sounds like you know what you?re doing. Good Luck



Eating carbs late in the day is presently considered not good in terms of fat gain. Read up on some nutrition timing articles on here. Basically, do carbs / protein at beginning of day, and protein/fat at end (try to minimize fat/carb meals).

Also, do some good lower back / butt range-of-motion dynamic stretches (read all of Eric Cressey’s and Mike Robertson’s articles - they know their stuff; I bought their DVD it’s fucking GREAT, albeit not cheap). You need to get that ROM back.

Can you squat all the way down (or at least further down) with no weight versus when the bar is loaded? Or can you do single-leg lifts (front and behind)?

Looks like you have a plan; go with it man. But do yourself a big favor and eat carbs AM only - it helped me strip off about 7LB of unwanted fat thro’ January, and I didn’t lose any muscle during the process (probably gained a little - my deadlift is now offically 10x3 at 315lb :-)).

“Carbs AM only” is not a “fad thing” either, it makes physiological sense. To me, it’s a lifestyle change I hope to continue doing “forever”.

Another really useful tip for stripping fat is to get carbs mainly from veggies. Cut everything else out (bread, potato, pasta, grains, beans) and even reduce fruit intake. I have berries only at breakfast (I’ll never eliminate fruit). For the rest of the day, my carbs now come largely from veggies only (except when I plan a “cheat”). Try it, even for just one week, you’ll LOVE the results from a fat-loss perspective. :slight_smile: (And don’t do the Atkins thing - eat lots of veggies if you cut out sugar-carbs).

Good luck!


Thanks Wiz… actually I do practice carb tapering… the example I showed I screwed up that day… I had written about my awareness of it, but I think I deleted it, as I was feeling I had rambled on too much…

Ooops forgot to mention… No white carbs at all…

OK I get it!!! I get it!!!

Hey good luck with your program; I admire your resolve. :slight_smile:

I for one would love to know how your revised program (eating more, lifting heavier) goes: I wanna see if you youngsters can help us old 'uns… :wink: