Arthiritis& Bankart Repair - Long-Term Outlook

hi all,

i’m 28. i’ve had 2 surgeries on my shoulder (bankart repair for torn labrum, then an anterior stabilisation following stretching of the repaired labrum).

i have been diligent in physiotherapy. i’ve injured my knees before and understand the level of commitment required for a succesful recovery.

7 months after the latter surgery, i have been getting pain recently on raising my arm (no weight, just raising). i had an MRI scan and have been diagnosed as follows:

  • glenoid labrum, rotator cuff, biceps tendon OK
  • no cuff impingement
  • degeneration in gleno humeral joint mainly involving superior aspect of glenohumeral head where there’s a cystic lesion and degenerative change in the AC joint

I’m going for a second opinion with another specialist, as this was not explained to me well at all.

I realise an internet forum is no substitute for medical advice and am moving things forward on that front, but, has anyone had similar injuries and recovered?

arthiritis scares the hell out of me because, to put it bluntly, it doesn’t heal, it just gets worse.

when its bad, this hurts like hell now and has ruined my quality of life. i am not hopeful at all for the future at present.

thanks in advance