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Arterial Pain in Neck and Head?

I was squatting around 73% of my max for a warm up (just a single) and experienced a tense, stinging sensation in my neck and in my head which subsided after a minute. Am I being over anxious or is this a blood pressure issue? Should I see a doctor about this? I’m 18 and around 90kg bw, so I sure hope it isn’t a brain issue.

More likely an “exertion headache”. A throbbing pain that radiates from neck, up along back of head (left side usually) and kind of stops around the ear or sinus area?

Usually due to a combination of high blood pressure and/or dehydration.

If you’re ingesting a lot of caffeine or other stimulants, cut way down or cut them out.
Also, if you’re holding your breath on the concentric portion of the rep, that can cause them to occur.

So, to recap: increase water intake, decrease stimulant intake, and try not to hold your breath too long during rep.
That last part can be harder to achieve, especially doing squats.

Good luck.