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Artem, Were'd He Go?


Whatever happened to that kid? For those of you who don't know http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_alpha/my_first_cut?id=3073643&pageNo=0

He is a Legend


Fuck Artem, I wanna know what happened to N3wb (mega, ultra, whatever). He was one of those people you figure could very well be going places with powerlifting.


What about DirtyGerdy? He was a great contributor.


Yeah that meganewb is pretty strong.


He used to be in the facebook BOI and I think trained together with one or two of the other BOI guys (way? Josh? Bug? I don't remember which)... I think.
Don't know what he's doing these days though.

Ask the guys I mentioned...


he's still in the facebook boi.

he's doing good, getting bigger, and staying super sexi


And so smart!

Nah, but the guy up above had it right about megan3wb. I tried re-finding his youtube channel at one point, seeing if he was still throwing around 900 lb deadlifts or whatever the fuck it was, haha, but no such luck.


here is meganewbs youtube channel.


Not be negative, but I'm guessing George:
1) Got injured (he displayed a lot of "loose" form, I'm guessing his low back)
2) Got burnt out (he was lifting near maximal weights at a pretty high frequency)

I liked his posts and his attitude. I hope he continues to lift weights, he has great potential. If someone could coach him up on form, and get him to get a real diet (if I remember he would eat 1-2 meals of crap) the sky is the limit.


MegaNewb: 705 squat belt only (some spotter assistance) at 18 years old. Shit flew right up, too.

Looks chubby as all fuck but goddamn you gotta respect the weight he is throwing around at his age. I wish he still posted here.


I talk to dirty gerdy daily on the FB boi :slightly_smiling:




Artem is a drug addict now.


not that there's anything wrong with that....


Rainjack was banned for his ongoing Shug feud....he is over at IntenseMuscle now.


Any epic links you could possible share?




Those two went at it all the time a few years ago....I don't have time to search for links at work.


I trained with Josh86, Dirty Gerdy, HolyMacaroni, and DOHCrazy r u jelosu


Off the top of my head, the T-Cell thread 'Let's Clear Some Stuff Up' comes to mind as being an entertaining read if you haven't stumbled across it yet.

And I was under the impression that he just got fed up and left... so him being spanked with the banhammer is news to me.