Has anyone used Active Release Therapy? If so, how expensive are the treatments? In looking for a provider I found that the closest one is 300 miles away and I’m wondering if the trip would be worth it. They make some pretty “too good to be true” claims. Anyone have experience with this? To me, the technique sounds like a glorified rolfing session.

I’m a total body ART provider, believe me it’s much more than a glorified rolfing session. The difference is in the specificty of the technique. It’s very hard to describe it exactly, if you don’t have a lot of experience in bodywork, PT, chiropractic, etc. I was a chiropractor for ten years before I learned the technique. It was probably the most difficult aspect of my practice to learn. YUou must always try to improve your skills with ART. It’s a case of use it or lose it!
If the person you found is an active practitioner with experience, it would be well worth the trip. Give them a call at least.

The cost will vary by goegraphy, but would probably be in the 30$-100$ range per session.
My experience with the care was nothing short of amazing. ART is my first treatment of choice for any injury. It’s the most specific and prcise form of soft tissue care I know of, which I feel sperates it from the rest of the pack.

Thanks for your input, Irondoc. It turns out that Dr. Mike Leahy himself is one of those closest to me perhaps I will make a trip to Denver.

I am not a practicioner of ART, (so I am
not biased - not to imply that the doc is)
but I have had Active Release Therapy done,
and I would say it is definitely worth while.
My sessions were US$30 each. Five sessions
resulted in about a 98% recovery rate. These
were training injuries I had had for years.
Well worthwhile.

I had the ART several months ago in conjunction with physical therapy for the back of my knee that had locked up. (I also had the full circuit of Rolfing done about 11 years ago, so I can compare the two). The ART is similar to Rolfing but much more specific. It was also quite helpful (the ART). I wasn’t cured in one session, it took three weekly visits for me. After the 1st visit, I was about 60% improved. After the 2nd session, everything felt and moved perfectly and effortlessly…for about 30 minutes. For some reason, the perfection didn’t ‘hold’. The 3rd time was the charm, and I haven’t had to go back. All in all, I would highly recommend it. I was lucky enough to have a practioner about 15 minutes away. I was skeptical at first because he had only received his ART certification a few months earlier, so he didn’t have alot of experience. But, he got the job done (in combination with PT).

Oh…to answer your question, each ART session cost me $60, not covered by insurance. Geographically, the location was a New Jersey suburb, about 1 hour west of New York City.

What town is your ART practitoner in?..And better yet, is it
possible for you to tell me the practitoner’s name because I would
like to look them up in my local phone book…Yes, I mean local!
I live next the “Bear” family, yeah, those black fury creatures
who raid your garbage cans every spring…I live at the edge of
Passaic Couunty, N.J., almost in Sussex County and 3 miles from
Orange County, N.Y. (Joey Z.)

Joey…you sound way north. The ART guy I went to was in Mendham, Morris County. His teacher is in Lodi. Best thing to do is visit the Active Release website and call the phone number for ART information. They can tell you the closest practioner to you. Good luck!

Hi…I have been practicing ART now for 5+ years and have found nothing even close to the results I get with shoulder, back, knee, hip, headaches, neck problems. The key is also WHERE to go to find the REAL cause of the problem. My practice has people who cant say enough about the treatment. However, it is usually not a one-shot deal, it takes anywhere from 3-10 visits usually to fix a problem. However, one can expect about 50% relief from the first session. I work in NH.

Then go, run , sprint, whatever. Mike Leahy walks on water as far as I’m concerned. I’m very confident with my skills, but He’s MJ or Tiger with what he does. I feel that he’s one of the best at what he does period. It’s very rare to see someone as good as him at anything. You won’t be disappointed. Tell him Tom said Hi, and I’ll see him at Lake Placid and Hawaii!

Dr. Rob Destefano is located in Lodi, NJ. You could look for Rob Mason or Dr. Tony Crisulio, also in NJ. Tony and Rob are instructors, Rob Mason is a very talented personal trainer. Look them up on the website or ART referral #. I think it’s still 719-473-7000.

Does anyone know of an experienced ART practitioner in the Rochester, Buffalo or Syracuse area?

Michelle, go to Find the page to locate providers. Type in the zip code of the particular town(s) you mentioned.

Im fortunate enough to have Dr Ken Kinakin as my chiropractor and I have to say ART is incredible for treating a whole host of training and non training related ailments. make the trip for sure. as for price, i pay $20