Is ART covered under a health insurance policy? If not how much does it cost per session? Thanks

Mine was covered and I just had to pay the copay.

Same here. I paid a co-pay. I have chiropractic coverage under my insurance, and my ART practioner is a DC.

Mine was not :frowning:

$40 a session, not too bad…

I also have chiro coverage so it was a co-pay plus whatever it was after it was billed to my company.

As for prices, they’ll probably differ depending on the practitioner.

Now how do I go about finding one? Are all chiropractors going to offer ART or is this a hard service to find?

ART or active release is a specialized neuromuscular technique (kind of). The provider must retest yearly and it’s not that cheap, so no, not all chiropractors will offer it. To find a practitioner go to and put in your zip. I believe there are some certified ART providers on this board, but if i can offer any help i am more than willing (happen to be studying for the hands on part right now).