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ART therapy

Hey there, I wondered if any of you had used Mike Leahy or other ART therapists? I’ve got a bulged disc (which showed up on an MRI I had)in my lower back from a fall years back which is giving me mild sciatica and some weakness in my right leg for the last couple of years.I’ve had an osteopath manipulate my back and this helped a great deal, but it is still there.
I’ve also got tendonitus in both shoulders (left front delt and right rear delt) from old injuries over the years and so have been out of action for the past 4 months.
I live in England but the physio here is fairly basic and was thinking of travelling to the US this Summer anyhow.
In the mean time I’m gonna get MRIs on my shoulders to see what the problem is.
Just wondered how effective this treatment is and any experience you have had of it.
Thanks for your time

It is very effective. I saw Leahy and have been treated locally. Dr. Leahy is far better than his students. You get what you pay for. Dr. Leahy charges $150 for the first visit and $100 each subsequent visit. I went in for one treatment, since I didn’t have time to stay longer than that. In retrospect, I would have stayed for a few more days and gone thru more treatments. If you plan on seeing him, plan on spending a week in town and schedule way ahead of time. He told me he could have fixed everything in a few more visits, but I had flown in for a weekend seminar only. Also, he will work on all your problems for the same fee. He doesn’t charge extra. I think he worked on 5 or 6 areas for me. My local guy charges $25 per visit, but is not nearly as good as Leahy. Good Luck.

I had a small tear in my right rotator cuff. After a couple of months of physio it was healed but I still had som epain. I went to an ART practitioner and he worked wonders. He also worked on a big lump of scar tissue I had on the bottom of my foot from plantar faciaitis. Basically alot of residual pain that people feel is from adhesions caused by scar tissue. ART helps release the adhesions and thus remove the pain. I believe that ART is another one of those wonders of the world !!

G, I can’t say enough about the value of ART. About three years ago my left shoulder hurt so much I couldn’t pick up a cup of coffee with it, and I was getting desperate. In the gym I could slowly and painfully warm it up and use it, but I knew I was only damaging myself more and more. Finally, after learning about Dr. Leahy and ART (thanks, Dave Palumbo), I called his office in Colorado and asked if he had taught anyone in the state of Wisconsin. Only three certified ART practicioners here, and one’s in the small town I have my office in! How lucky. I was in there the next day, and in one 90 minute session (a painful hour and a half), I’d estimate that 75% of my pain went away and my range of motion increased dramatically. A couple of hundred sessions later, my left shoulder is almost ideal, and other issues brought on my 25 years of weightlifting have been addressed. An important facet of ART is following the directions you’ll be given, and DOING the stretching exercises you’ll invariably walk away with instructions to perform. All in all, ART is one of the most satisfying experiences I have had. Currently I go in once or twice a month for regular maintenance, tweaking, and work. Hell, I like it and miss the sessions when I go weeks without one. I cannot suggest ART any more strongly for you, it’s almost magical. My chiropractor understands weight training, and she never tells me to stop working out; rather, she asks about goals, what I do in my workouts specifically, about my diet, etc. A real breath of fresh air and common sense.

Man, ART is the stuff. I had serious tendonitis problems in my shoulders and could not bench anymore. I live in Iowa and had Todd Slattery fix me up. It took three visits! Now I’m back to normal! I’m benching, incline benching, the whole nine yards. It is freaking amazing! The treatment itself was really, really painful. In fact I passed out the first time and I after three months I still have a bruise on my shoulder. But my shoulders are as good as new. I also have a herniated disk in my back. ART did not work for that infortunately. My guy cost $35 a time and obviously I’m more than satisfied. Expect your shoulder to be healed my friend

Thanks alot for your replies, they’re very helpful, cheers