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Art Therapy Techniques for Golfers Elbow

    Ive got a certification in massage therapy. im pretty good at knowing what to do with muscles anc the like. but since ive gotten my reacurring golfers elbow ive been having problems working out the tissues.
    before when it flared up id wait for it to calm down then i would use my thumb

to work the tissue long ways along the length of my arm, since i figured this is how the fibers
in this area run. but ive heard that it should be the other way, horrizontally, going from the bottom of the elbow to the top. this has been a problem that keeps happening and has gotten worse each time. ive started training the extensors of my forearm and using rubber bands to strengthen my fingers.and ive been using ice 4 times a day. its jsut like how fucking long does it take to deal with this issue??? ive dealt with so many other body issues thus far that im going nuts. back training is almost immpossible without healthy elbows.
if there are any experts who can better describe the realase technique that would be used on this type of area id appreceate it.