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Art. Sweetners and Insulin Response

Aspartame is a protein derivative and thus should not raise blood glucose levels significantly but I am wondering if anyone knows whether or not it would still cause an insulin response due to sweetness?

Since some carbohydrate rich foods which provide a steady insulin response are not necessarily sweet tasting would our body, due to evolutionary effects, be tricked by sweeter tasting foods which are known to spike insulin levels?

Any studies done on this subject would be helpful.

I’m a type 2 diabetic who has looked into this type of thing and from everything I’ve seen artificial sweeteners do not elicit a significant insulin response. I RARELY use them anyway because I don’t like artificial anything, but when I have they had zero effect on my blood glucose levels whatever that’s worth.

We just bought a bottle of stevia extract which is a natural plant derivative that is really sweet, has no calories and has been used for centuries in parts of the world with no discernable problems.

Do a search, I’ve already posted a study on this same topic and forum.

By the way, no they do not generate insulin response. The body is smarter than that. (No cephalic phase of insuline release)