ART, Shoulder Pain & Workouts

Hey all,

Went yesterday for ART therapy for the first time in a few months. Initially injured my shoulder/pec, and got it pretty well healed up. THen a bout 2 months later, reinjured the area. I have taken about 2 weeks off from upper body, and went back yesterday for ART again. I thought I understood the process, and this morning went in to do light stretching/light lifting work. By the end of my workout, i hurt really bad in the injured area. Should I continue to workout while getting therapy, or focus mainly on stretching. I intend to question my doc on this, but thought i would seek insight here until then. Thanks!

Wait till you speak to your doc.

I am dealing with a similar problem right now. Pulled pec tendon in my left shoulder. Basically it was no weight bearing excercises for a month and then slowly start to stretch and do strength excercises for the shoulder. I have numerous sets of therabands at home and just do the physio prescribed excercises three times a week. It is slowly getting back to normal - slowly.

See your doctor and physio and they will get you started on a rehab program. I would avoid all exercises directly involving the shoulder until your doctor/physio gives you the go ahead.

I agree with everyone else that you should contact your doctor before doing anything. However, if you absolutely must workout, stay away from any exercises that put a lot of stress on the trouble areas. More importantly stay high reps and vascularize the injured area. Don’t try to do anything heavy. I’ve had similar problems and continued to train during therapy. I definitely would recommend not trying to do a full blown workout, however, as it can negatively impact your strength progress and recovery/healing rate.