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ART Rocks!!

Just got back from my first ever ART session…that is some pretty amazing stuff! I’ve never been to a chiropractor or anything, so it was all new to me. From the looks of what most are paying I got a great deal as well…$45 for initial visit and $35 for following visits.

The computer showed that my L5 was way off (showed the color black for those of you in the know) which is likely the cause of my right hip flexor issue. The left side was taking like 175 percent of all loads, and my left shoulder was at about 135 percent (red if I remember correctly). He said that I had some of the tightest knots in my hamstrings he had ever seen and asked if I suffer from knee pain (which I really don’t). He thought I might have some iliotibial band issues too.

I already feel very relaxed…almost to the point of sleepiness. If it’s anything like massage therapy, I’ll be sleeping like a baby tonight!

ART: Two thumbs up!!

Glad to hear it. My rotator cuff has been acting up again and I have scheduled my first appointment for Monday. Will post the results.
Best of Luck.

One question I did have for the experts:

Why was it recommended by the practitioner that I don’t work out today? The session wasn’t intensely painful or anything, and he said I could run if desired.

Also, should I expect to be very sore tomorrow?

Hey Monty, that’s good news. Did you go see the practioner specifically for your hip flexor, or was it for something else? I ask because it sounds like you got a hell of a lot of info about your back alignment in the process.

Makes me wonder if coughing up the dough for an ART practioner even if no pain was present is a good idea. Might be a good preemptive strike against potential problems - I’ve had neck and rotator cuff problems in the past, as well as some muscular imbalances that concern me sometimes. Either way, glad it’s working out for you!


If you can afford it i would get ART regularly. I still go even though nothing is really wrong with me. Also my ART guy tells me to pulverize whatever he works on. He wants to know if im having any pain with it at all.

Tyler…I went specifically for a tender hamstring as well as my right hip flexor that I’ve been having issues with for some time now. I also figured since I was there, I would have him look at my right shoulder that is severely lacking in flexibility compared to the left one. It’s only been one session, but it’s well worth the money.

One caution: Make sure that the rest of the day you’re near a restroom…you’ll be peeing like a racehorse flushing all those toxins out!

I dont know about the toxins deal but it does a great job of breaking down adhesions that can cause muscle problems.

ART on the Psoas, ouch. I don’t to ART but I do Structual Intergration. I think we use similar techniques, but the goals are different. However I have been doing specfic injury rehab, with great results.

Monty… interesting. Did he/she tell you that your hamstring issues were a result of your troubles with your hip flexor (or vice versa)? Those seem like they could off-set each other rather easily.

Anyway, I’ve told several people at work about ART (one girl in particular who recently had knee surgery and is not getting much out of the rehab with her PT), so I guess I should give it a shot so I have some first-hand knowledge. People here have really espoused its effectiveness so far, so I guess it’d be worth checking out.

And as for the peeing issue… well, I already carry around a bucket with me for just such emergencies, so I should be fine.

I’ve only had it done at one facility, but two different people have performed it on me. I noticed the older guy wasn’t as “rough” and I didn’t feel as much benifit… seemed like the younger guy really dug in more and it felt like it was much more effective. I’m close to another facility where one of the ART instructors works and would like to try that out sometime. I think it makes a big difference who is doing it.

Well to be honest, the worst part for me was the fact that I am extremely ticklish, so you can imagine how much “fun” the hip and in particular the shoulder work was as he had to work around my armpit. I was giggling like a little schoolgirl!

It really wasn’t painful at all…the worst part was the back adjustments, but it was a “hurt so good” kind of feeling.

I don’t think the two are related, Tyler. My hip flexor has been an issue for a while. The hammy occurred when I was experimenting with windmills from Coach D’s “Real Abs.” As I was bending over I heard a pop and felt some discomfort. It hasn’t bothered me too much since, but it’s been tender and I wanted to take all precautionary measures as I am competing in the Hot Rox Challenge and can’t afford to miss any time if I can avoid it.

I have been doing several hip flexor stretches to try and improve the issues, and it seems to be helping. The practitioner said he would give me some stretches to work on when I come in next week for another session.

I had to pass on ART. It was going to be $80 for the doctor to “examine” what was wrong plus another $60 for the first session. After that it would $60 per session. Ridiculous, I don’t care how effective it is. I’ve been doing cryo and heat applications and my lower back is doing a lot better.

i used art and chiropractic therapy from Dr Bellila in NJ and dr steve and those guys were amazing i had costrochodritis i acutally partially tore my 2nd rib from me sternum hehe…damn 120lb dumbells hehe. So i spent a year in pain but the 6 months of treatment i was almost 100% and owe to those guys…that and good nutrition, and today i am back over 100’s and i feel better than ever…

When i say my ART guy is the shit i really mean the shit. He has worked with Dr. Leahy teaching seminars and works on guys like Jamal Anderson, The Atlanta Falcons, Jevon Kerse, Gary Sheffield, Eddie George, John Rocker, and of course me. He says that the better you get at it, the less it should hurt. I know it never really hurts like it did the first time i went. Only every now and then does it hurt.

I’ve had about 6 visits of ART to help with a knee problem. It helped immediately! He actually found many problems around my calves and hamstrings (and even worked on my ankles and toes) that were the main cause of knee pain.

I could tell the difference right away, and I plan on going back for routine visits to help prevent problems in the past. He also worked on some posture exercises for slight imbalances he found (typical in most of the population depending on your job - I sit at a computer most of the day).

My ART guy actually said training right after each session would be fine, and I would probably feel better. I noticed that on certain exercises I was sore, but for the most part, I felt much better, especially the days following. I would say that training afterward is up to you and how you feel.

So it’s definitely the thing to do, and you’re getting a great deal. I was paying $55 per visit out of pocket (can’t get my insurance to cover it - HMO). But for me, that was a great deal, and I have noticed the benefits.