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ART-Rehab-Shoulder Porgrams

I have a question, about a good rehab. program have tried many,have shoulder impingement syndrome, is to the point that cant do chest, have started ART, after researching after looking up info. from here, has been working really good maybe have just a few more session before healed up, surgery was my last option after getting numerous cortison injections almost a year ago. Is there any program can do that can avoid putting too much pressure on my shoulder, and still do total body week to week, i have been doin rehab. shoulder exercises, external and internal cable rotations, cuban presses, which work, empty can exercise. Most of the pain comes from doing bench press, since muscles are weaker or an imbalance on back of shoulders around deltiod region, i believe the infraspinatus and supraspinatus muscles are weak, i am educated on the matter, just looking to see if anyone knows anything else or have any similiar situations and problems

I am no expert on rehab but I have had shoulder impingement. First is the impingement gone or still there. Depending on your answer depends on what I would do. Until then work on your scapular retractors and upper and lower traps. Instead of doing empty can exercises I would do full can exercises. Internal rotation and abduction together= an easy way to get shoulder impingement and if you already have it…

Yeah I still have it, The ART has helped because has worked the adhesions or scar tissue buildup, or is breaking it down, thnx for the advice on some of the exercises. I believe i am doing the full can exercise, one of them is like putting on your seat belt if you visualize yourself putting your seatbelt on, and the other is the opposite direction like pulling the sword out. I believe most of the ones I am doing are scapular adductors and abductors if that’s correct.

The sword and seatbelt exercises are more for internal and external rotators. When I had my impingement I cut out all internal rotation because if you bench enough your subscapularis will be pretty strong and it is already much bigger and stronger than the infraspinatus and teres minor to begin with. Full can exercises are this:
Take a small weight and take your arm to about 30 degrees relative to your front and abduct your arm with your thumb up. Empty can would be thumb down. I like full can. To hit your scapular retractors and the rest of your upper back do rows on a horizontal plane. DO NOT do anything on a vertical plane. Wall Angels will help pull your shoulders back as well:
Stand against a wall in a quarter squat position and do snow angels (remember those) but with your arms bent at 90 degrees. The back of your head, upper back, and your whole arm MUST stay in contact with the wall. Only go as far as there is no pain. There are quite a few articles on this site about rotator cuff exercises, do a search for them. I dont know how long you have been going to ART but it shouldn’t take too long to fix it. Mine was fixed in about 6-7 visits. That is not set in stone but if it is taking 10-15 visits I would start wondering. Remember I am not an expert I am just telling you what I experienced. These exercises will not cure you but should assist in your ART treatments. Good luck.

yeah i have close to that amount of visits feel pretty cured, Mine is taking little bit longer because i tried doing bench and stuff like that so lost a session became inflamed, but feel much better can hear it pop when rotate your shoulder, i feel my thing is that my delts and front lats are so strong i develoved a weakness there, i did a lot of powerlifting over the years and while in college, have trainer consistently since i was 22, and 29 now, im talking about not missing days working out 4-5 times a week still, i havent worked out as much lately because since been doing the ART, afraid to reinjure it, but thanks for the tips i have researched a lot on here and found articles, thats how found out about the cuban presses,but the full can exercise seems like a variation of the empty can, and will de def. try that out thanks for the info. but will search some more on this but you helped me out lot

yeah i dont think i have had 10-15 visits, looking closer to 4-5 already, and feel cured doesnt hurt anymore, but he has had to work on my other shoulder too, the anterior delt had been bothering me as well last couple months but not a serious an the impingement on my rig ht shoulder

Glad I could help you out. Just remember the more pressing movements you do you need to do more cuff work. I usually just do 1 cuff exercise each workout for 1-2 sets of 15-20 reps. Dont forget about the supraspinatus because AC sprains suck as bad as impingements. What are you referring to when you say front lats?

Also you should work the infraspinatus and teres minor in horizontal abduction. (think bent over flyes, thumb up until you get rid of the impingement. Iron cross squats as well)