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ART Prices

Has anyone ever had art treatments. and if you have could you elaborate on the price.

Yeah and it’s useless. :slight_smile:

My chiropractor practices ART. So, I just make the copayment. I have found it to be useful. My hamstring had ‘locked’ up on me at the insertion point to the glutes. I tried working it out on my own (applying heat, stretching…) to no avail. After several sessions (6 or 7 I think) it was freed up and my range of motion returned and was greater than previously. What do you need it for?

I have called on pricing and it ranges anywhere from 55-100 a session. This is from 3 different places.

I pay $20 a session.

My chiropractor charges $45 (canadian) per treatment. I find it worth every penny. I have had a pulled calf, pulled hamstring and both shoulders (tendanitis) treated with great success. Usually one treatment makes a big difference with my guy and often I only need the one. My shoulders often get so bad (from college football and over 12 yrs of heavy benching) that I can’t do any barbell chest excercises. I go see my chiropractor for a couple of visits and I’m usually pain free and benching heavy again for a good six months. From what I understand though I’m fairly lucky. Not all chiropractors are equally good at ART. Basically they pay big bucks for a long weekend course and are then ART certified. I’ve heard of many who really suck and have no clue what they’re doing. My guy works on the athletes at the local university for free to get lots of practise. Everyone I know who goes to him thinks he’s great. My advice is to ask around and find one with a good reputation. Don’t pick one out of the yellow pages. Good luck, I hope you find a good one.

thanks. i dont guess anyone could recommend anyone in GA?

$75.00 a session. Fortunately by insurance covers most of it. Well worth the money though. Did wonders for my right knee and left shoulder.


Where are you at in georgia? Dr. Dave Radzdewski is located in the Atlanta area. He’s an ART instructor and has taken care of many pro athletes.

$15 co-pay, I just go to my chiropractor who also practices ART. Have it billed as a chiropractic visit.

The ART website is activerelease.com.It has a search engine for practitioners in your area,it will locate the ones closest,and tell you what level they are.Choose the one that is an instructor.

I have had ART treatments on my elbow and shoulder. Cost was $150 set up and $50 per visit. My insurance co-pays for visits.

Try this web site www.activerelease.com/locator/index2.cfm

Goldberg, I have seen the Chiropractor listed below and it was worth every penny.

Dr. David Radaszewski
320 Killian Hill Rd. Suite B
Lilburn GA United States 30047 (770) 564-3334

He gives a ten percent discount if you pay cash at the time of service and I ended up payin 43 per visit. He fixed a shoulder problem that nagged me for ten years as well as a rib cage issue. It took six visits on the shoulder and I’ve gone in for two tune ups in the last six months or so. He’s even there on some Saturdays which was convenient. I owe Biotest a thank you on introducing me to ART.

I have looked into the one in Lilburn. I did the search on the art website a long time ago and saw his name. thanks for all your input. Im gonna check my insurance out and see what happens.

If you live in MA. Joshua Dubin out of Quincy Ma. Chiropractor, Certified in ART. Uses a lot of modes of treatment. Enjoys the work. he is a triathlete, weight trainer>>>> Thumbs Up and reasonable

Well then I had a dud!!! What province are you from and who is your doctor? Thanks. :slight_smile:

I live in Ontario, about 1 hr. from T.O. If you are anywhere in the vicinity and want my guy’s name I will post it and info. on how to get in touch with him. If not I can ask him for the name of any good ART practitioners in you’re area. I think there is a good chance he might know someone if your in a relatively populated are. By the way, I saw him for a treatment on both shoulders this past Monday and while I did’nt get the imediate relief I experienced last time, they are significantly better. Good luck and let me know if you’re in the area.