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ART Practitioner/Physical Therapy in NYC?


T-Nation Community,

I am a long time subscriber to the site and would appreciate the community's help in recommending:

1) An ART practitioner in the NYC area that accepts insurance. I have very tight muscles and although stretching/myofascial work will certain help with improving this, I would like use an ART specialist to help break up some of the adhesions and accelerate my progress.

I've found that ART practitioners generally are expensive and do not accept insurance, so if anyone has a recommendation for one in the NYC area that accepts insurance or is reasonable priced, that would be very helpful.

2) Physical therapists that specialize in helping elite athletes in the NYC area (and that accept insurance) particularly soccer/lacrosse players.

Thanks for your help! Feel free to PM me if you would like.

Looking forward to receiving responses.



first off I never post but Ive got an ART guy in nutley, NJ that is amazing, so i just had to jump in here and let you know about him. ive been to him a bunch of times and actually about to make another appointment with him for next week as my shoulder is starting to act up again.

not only does he practice ART but hes also a chiro and he TEACHES the damn thing (which means he really knows it if he can teach it as well.)

anyway hes a really cool dude and operates out of Petracco chiropractic in nutley NJ
phone number is 201 533 0055

good luck!

also he accepts insurance and my copay is 40$


Patrick2: Thanks so much for sharing this.

The only hangup is that Nutley is a bit away from NYC, and ideally I would use someone in the city.

Thank you very much for responding and hopefully others, too, will share their recommendations!


Hi Soccergod,

I am not ART certified, but I do know many techniques to break up adhesions and scar tissue. I am located in Ramsey NJ, only about 20-30 minutes from NYC by car. I do not accept insurance, but my rates are quite reasonable.


Hi Soccergod,

Dr. Evan Levine, chiropractor, 20 East 46th Street, NY, NY 10017. He is a good guy and accepts insurance, plus he has worked on bodybuilders/powerlifters.

If you would consider venturing out to Long Island, Dr. Durlan Castro is the best I have ever been too. He teaches other ART therapists.

Hope it works!



Driven and AptPupil8 - thank you very much for this information. I am going to evaluate all of the responses received and see which is the best match.

AptPupil: Does Dr. Levine know ART or is he just a chiropractor? If the ladder, I need someone who can break up the adhesions and help restore ROM in my whole body (not just my back). Where is Dr. Castro located in LI?

Anyone else have recommendations?



Dr. Levine is both. He is a chiro with registered ART therapy training.

Durlan Castro- 1056 Jericho Turnpike. Smithtown, New York 11787. Phone: (631) 486-9100



AptPupil8: Thanks!