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ART on Psoas 25 Times, Still Bad


Ive had psoas irritation on my right side for years. Over time ive improved my mobility, improved my posture, and eliminated exercises and activities that provoke my psoas. Yet the problem remains.

I've recently gone through 25(!) seperate ART sessions, and my psoas becomes symptomatic at least once a week still.
I can only assume the psoas is being constantly re-provoked by some other issue. Any suggestions as to what my psoas is compensating for? Or what weakness I may have?

Squatting is completely ruled out, no situps, no leg lifts. I train the deadlift and bench fairly seriously...

Is something making my psoas work overtime?

I will answer any questions gladly! Help!


Could be many different things. How do you know it is purely a psoas issue? What type of eval have you received? Any other treatment besides the ART?

You could just be getting referral pain from another area or anterior hip impingement from an acetabular issue.


I have very similiar issue - mine is on the left for 13 years now. This issue was originally reported by you years ago. Wondering how you are doing now. Find any relief?