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Art of Waterbury


When doing this routine what rest periods did you use for the first day of the routine? It says 70Seconds between exercise pairings. Does that mean no rest between sets within the superset or 70 seconds between set 1 and set 2 and so on in the same superset? Just wondering because if I rest over a minute between each set and there are 6 lifts each with ten sets, that is a long time in the gym.


rest 70 seconds between the superset

Exercise 1
no rest
Exercise 2
70 seconds rest, etc.


Do exercise A1, rest 70 seconds then do exercise A2, rest 70 seconds and then return back to A1. Do this until all prescribed sets are finished.

It took me less than 90 minutes to complete each workout, so while the workouts are a bit longer than some of CW's other programs, AOW isn't insanely long and is still manageable for most people.


that?s how I understand and do it, and it works.


Yes, this answer is correct.


70 sec pauses between a1/b1 and a2/b2 or not?

Right now I?m not doing them and that works for me. I?m confused because the paragraphs above contradict each other (at least in my mind), and I?m not sure to what CW answered to in that post.


So with 60 sets total this is over an hour of rest periods and I guess about 30 minuts of lifting. Just seems like alot of resting but I guess with the loads if I do it properly it will be needed. This does however go against all the "Don't be in the gym more than an hour due to the stress hormones" thinking. But I am merely a student and trust Cdub on this, it is his routine afterall.