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Art of Deload


dear members,

I have a question regarding deload.
It seems there exisists to "schools" of it:

School 1:
LAst heavy work out: 4x10with 100kg (straight sets)
Deload:4x5 with 100kg for 1 or 2 weeks.

SChool 2:
LAst heavy work out: 4x10with 100kg (straight sets)
Deload: 1x10with 100kg and CONTINUE TO SET PRS the next weeks.
Like madcows 5x5 advanced version.

Both drop the volume-but one is setting new Prs,while the other "school" does not!

So where is the difference between the methods and when and why should someone choose one option over the other?



3 weeks heavy followed by a week off or you can substitute the exercise with a similiar one and do reps in the range of 10 to 15.

Squats- Zercher Squats, Front Squats, Leg Press etc...

Bench- Dumbells, free weight pressing machines etc....


DEar Captain zero,

Sorry i am stunned by this nice ass in your avatar.one moment.



Thank you for your reply-but i still don´t understand the difference between my mentioned deloading schemes.

Some info that you can understand my problem more:

I am on a dup periodization scheme so high reps are build in it.

I currently stalled on my programm (after 16 weeks-good stuff) and wondered how to deload know.

Loading schemes were random in their rotation and consisted of:

2x13-15 reps
3x8-10 reps

Know I regressed and wondered if i should deload following ways:(I would deload EACH repetition scheme i did this way-so the 2x15 the 3x5 and the 3x8)

Option A:
3x10 with 100kg
DELOAD:3x5 with 100kg for 2 weeks

and continue the rotation OR switch the exercises and continue

Option B:
3x10 with 100kg
DELOAD; 1x10 with 100kg and ramping the weights up over the weeks like mc2 5x5 programm and setting new Prs.

or CHANGING the exercises but ramping also up to one heavy set on each repetion schme.

Your suggestion?

I thought OPTION B MIGHT be better cause in this way the volume also gets manipulated.(cause of the drops of volume)

Perhaps weird but the 5/3/1 of wendler is quite similar:

You also rotate 3 different schemes of the %of 1rpm-so it results in different reps.
IF you stall you cut away 10% of the weight used and cycle again.
Because of the 10%cut away ,your reps automatically increases( more"volume")

In my case the phase with more sets (volume) i currently did, als0 has a lower %of 1rpm cause they are straight sets.
If i now switch to only ONE set-the %of 1rpm automatically raises up and the volume declines caue i dropped the sets to only one.

Got me?


I do 3 weeks of balls to the wall heavy weight low rep primary exercises (squat, deadlift, press, row, etc) and then a 4th week of recovery/deload which is made up of mainly assistance exercises consisting of medium-low weight with many reps (reverse hypers, back extension, jump squats with body weight, pushups, shoulder raise, etc).

For example:

Monday (week 1-3):
front squats 3*5
press 3*5
pull up with weight 3*5
weighted situp 3*5
shrug 3*5

then week 4 (deload week)
Monday: jump squats 3 sets of 30 reps
Hand walking (with feet being held by friend or partner) 3 sets of max distance
Lat pullover 3 sets of 15
Turkish Get up 2 sets of 1


and how would you deleaod if you cycle already the reps(5´s 10´s 15´s) like i do?


I'd either do:

2x13-15 reps -> 1 x 13-15
3x8-10 reps -> 1 x 8-10
3x3-5reps -> 1 x 3-5


2x13-15 reps -> 2 x 6-8
3x8-10 reps -> 3 x 4-5
3x3-5reps -> 3 x 1-2

and keeping the weights the same as you used last time for both options.


try Option B, if that does not work, send me a pm.


thank you-the same thoughts i had.
I will turn down to the option with one set of 10s 15ss and 3´s to deload and Pr the next weeks and will see how it goes.
thank you.


great,thank you for the help-i will do so!