Art McDermott

I’ve seen this dude’s advice in Charles Poliquin’s online Q&A section, and I really enjoy the answers he gives. (Plus the fact his answers are far more comprehension than Poliquin’s…).

Does anyone know where I can read up on more of this guy’s work/advice?

He is a former track star in throwing and now competes in his mid 50’s if i remember right in highland games(saw him once on espn) and in strongman contests as does his wife. He trains athletes at Highland Strength his training center in mass. Do a search for its website i think its though there arn’t many tips. From meeting him briefly hes a really good guy. Promotes a major and minor strongman contest every year in mass.

He currently is retired from Highland Games and competes as a pro strongman. You can check out the site at

If you’re even in the Boston area, come over on a Saturday morning, several of us do strongman events from about 10-12. Also, he promotes the X-Treme Strongman Showdown each year in Wilmington, Mass. It’ll be Feb 7-8th, 2004 and looks to be an awsome show, very heavy!