ART Info, Opinions, Advice, etc.

Have been considering forking out the cash for an ART session, but am skeptical as I have spent a lot of many on other techniques. If you want my history, read below. If you don’t want my history but do have any info or experience with ART, I would much appreciate it.

-Broke right wrist at 14, minor fracture. Probably could have done more rehab but I was 14, my naive mind was elsewhere. It currently just lacks a little range of motion.

-partial dislocation of right shoulder at 17. No major tears, no surgery. Did physical therapy with some progress, however still some lack of stability when raising to the front or overhead; overall feeling of loosenes and instability. No sharp pain but can get uncomofrtable if overworked. After visiting three professionals, all have said there are no tears and no need for surgery.

-Recently strained muscle deep in elbow while doing preachers. Full extension without weight is difficult without compensation from the shoulder, full pronation and supination is painful; can’t train biceps directly and many rowing variations are painful in the fully flexed position.
-Currently am 22, still training but definitely taking it easy. My focus has gone to other muscle groups not bothered by the elbow or shoulder. Concentrating on proper core function (stable abs, thoracic and lumbar extension), calves, forearm, and yoke development

The left elbow injury is the one currently giving me the most trouble. My right shoulder, wrist and elbow have been improving, in fact my whole right side has been doing better. Got a little too jacked on preacher curls and the left elbow goes. After rest, ice, tiger balm and attempting pressure points without much success, the elbow is a little better but it seems “stuck”. Not to mention my left wrist, shoulder, and neck are tightening up.

Sorry for the novel but I feel the information is necessary, hell some more might be. ANY advice would be appreciated regarding ART and even treating your own injuries. I have gotten pretty skilled in releasing trigger points using foam rollers and tennis balls. However this elbow bastard is too deep and I can’t seem to get it myself.

I just have no idea what to expect from ART: Lots of money? Lots of sessions? Immediate relief? No relief? I understand everyone is different but right now I’m trying to play the numbers game in terms of cost (time and money) and how many people have benefited from ART.

ANYTHING is appreciated. Thanks for your time


You seem to be somewhat of an expert in this area(complete understatement). Anything in particular I should look for in a “good” ART practitioner? And I read on another post you made about a technique to help with elbow/forearm recovery/repair, and it involved rolling a foam roller against a wall as opposed to the floor and also covering the arms while sleeping. I’m going to try cutting the bottoms out of some long socks and maybe also apply some tiger balm before putting them on and going to bed. Thanks for the input.


Check out, you can search for licensed practitioners in your area and it will also tell you what ART certifications they have (e.g. Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine Certified, etc.).

Sounds like you are really in tune with your injuries and probably need some work specifically for that elbow tendinopathy you have. ART is good for certain things but like BBB said, it’s not a panacea. I’ve been certified and have found other soft tissue methods that get me results quicker.

The way I treat patients is the way I want to be treated. Treat and release as quickly as we are both comfortable with, save ya money, teach you how to keep your injuries in check. I believe I can help you find what you are looking for as I know the best doctors in the country that aren’t out there to make a killing off you. Shoot me a PM and I’ll connect you with someone in your area.