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ART in Toronto

Does anyone know any good ART practitioners in Toronto? Thanks in advance.

I’ve had great success with with the Chiros at Athletes Care in Toronto (http://www.athletescare.com)… I’ve been to the same one (Melissa at the Sheppard/Yonge location) several times to treat PFS in my left knee and a strained supraspinatus/subscapularis in my right shoulder and highly recommend going to her. She says all of the Chiros are as good as she is, so you’d probably be good at any of the other locations if that one is inconvenient…

Best of luck,

Awesome, thanks a lot. Definitely gonna check them out, they’re pretty close to me. What are the prices like?

No problem… You can get a consultation from a sports doctor for free and then each session with a chiro/art practitioner is $80 for a 45 min (could be an hour, cant remember) long session…