ART help please

Has anyone pulled or torn a scapula muscle?(muscle in between upperback and spinal cord) I pulled mine four months ago and have been out of the gym for over 6 weeks now. I have tried ART and physical therapy both. While receiving ART treatments however, I did not stop lifting weights or reduce the weights very much. Do you think this may be why I did not have success with the ART? I was considering going back and adding in light lifting instead of going heavy like I was. This injury is the biggest pain in the ass and has kept me out of the gym longer than my torn ACL did. Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated. I will do anything necessary to get back into the gym. Thanks.

did the ART guy say he could help your condition?? and did he not tell you to avoid any lifting?? if so, yes, you have to reduce the loading on the structures. the basis behind ART is to tear down the scar tissue built up and remodel it into tissue that is near original in form and function. in order for this rebuilding to take place, your body has an acute inflammatory response due to the treatment complete with chemical mediators coming in to repair the damaged tissue. this is why you are red and a bit swolen where they worked on you.

now, you seem like a person with a rather hard cranium(like myself), so i’m gonna go ahead and lay it out for ya. if you are undergoing any type of rehab for any body part, lay off the iron you dumb fack. of course this is why you didn’t get any better. look, i know it’s tempting to keep lifting during treatment, but if you do, you will NEVER heal. my advice, try again, and don’t lift upper body until your practitioner clears you.

i just hope you aren’t the kind of patient that goes around and tells people, “yeah, that guy did not help me get better” when actually it’s more like “i didn’t follow that guy’s instructions and used no common sense of my own, therefore, i didn’t get better”.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I admit to being a little hard headed. The woman who did the ART treatment on me said to keep lifting at 75% weight though, so I did(maybe pushed 75% a little). Also, a lot of others on the board said to keep lifting while receiving ART treatment. I am going back tommorow to receive treatment and I will NOT be lifting. Hopefully this will heal the injury.

However, I have heard that some light lifting is good because it keeps the blood flowing and speeds recovery, any truth to this? At this point I am willing to try anything. Any other advice? Thanks.