ART for Piriformis/Psoas

Hey everyone,

I have this nagging pain in my butt that from my own research appears to be piriformis syndrome but a chiro says is actually my psoas. I prob did it from crappy DL form. I have had 2 ART treatments and only minimal relief. He insists a few more visits will solve the problem. How long does ART take to work? Has anyone had ART for this condition? thanks.

I am not sure if I had exactly the same issue, but I had paid in my piriformis on my left side. It took 5-6 treatments, but it made a huge difference. I would stick with it.

Could also be caused by a disc injury, in which case ART ain’t gonna help.

I have three strategies for relieving pain due to muscle spasm in the piriformis (which for me is ultimately caused by herniated disc injury):

  1. Lay on side with hips and knees bent at 90 degrees, similar to sitting position, with legs stacked one over the other. Rotate top leg up into the air, keeping joint angles constant. Lower and repeat until the muscle is fatigued.
  2. Apply capsaicin cream regularly to the lower spine area (NOT to the muscles). I recommend using gloves to apply.
  3. ICE your butt and lower back till they are NUMB. Numbed nerves can’t send pain signals very well. This is my favorite way of the many I have tried in order to relieve pain. Not very convenient, though, of course.

Usualy a few treatments.
I’ve had a couple of different areas done and thats all they took.

Thanks a lot for the answers everyone and esp for the pain relieving suggestions, andersons. Im sitting on a bag of ice as I type ;-0. Ive used capsaison once before and it was some crazy sh*t!

Order66 and mindeffer01 - did you chiro tell you to rest of anything while you were seeing him? Mine told me to do anything I wanted, which seems counterintuitive. He also told me NOT to stretch. Ill give it a few more visits.

Thanks again.

One thing that’s good to remember in spite of the fact that you’d never normally think of it…

Make sure that your ART guy is working directly on the skin, even if it means you’ve got to wear dorky whitey-tighty briefs or whatever. A lot of times, they’ll try to work through clothing and the effect isn’t nearly the same. This is especially true in these areas, where people tend to hold back a bit more as a matter of privacy (nobody has a problem working directly on a shoulder, elbow, or knee, but get near the hip and some people get uneasy).