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ART for My Dad

hi im a youngen'(21) but my fathers bday is coming up, and i was thinking of an ART session for him.

He's been working all his life, when he was younger he grew up on a farm, was a beast (bodyweight snatch, bodyweight military etc) really strong, but ripped the hell out of his body. hes been working as an electrician for hell... 25 years or more and has always be REALLY tight.

My dad has a powerlifter build sorta, hes about 5"7 220/230 with chub on him but hes still strong, except theres been problems for a hwile that he just sorta ignores but that just makes them worse

his traps are basically giant knotted balls of scar tissue, his left shoulder is fucked up (hurts to press), his spine is probably not aligned but is so muscular that the chiropracter cant do shit to it. he also pulled a calf muscle a few years ago.

so for his bday i was thinking, hey some Active Release would be great for him, because i hear its really rough and can hammer through some tight muscle, do you think that this would help him out in terms of feeling better and healthier?


I'd say try it. You could also look into getting him a deep tissue massage (maybe a 90 minute one) where the masseusse (sp) will focus on his problem areas and really hammer into them.

Both would probably work...ART might be more long-term since it focuses more on movements?


yeah like i said, he tried going ot the chiroprators because my mom goes all the time, but the lady wasn't near strong enough to even budge anything