ART for Hip Flexors?

I was wondering if anyone here has experience with relieving swayback due to tight hipflexors with ART. I assume it wouldnt work due to the fact that my hipflexors have been tight since i was born(have pictures of me standing at 2 years old with a crazy swayback). I have tried stretching to no avail and would love for something to work. This posture causes me to look like i have a gut at <10% bodyfat and causes me pain when doing exercises that compress the spine like squats. I even get pain from standing for long periods of time. Thanks for any assistance.

I have the same problem and would also love an answer to this. I however wouldn’t think that A.R.T. would help this. I stretch my hip flexors routinely and work on strengthening my lower abs. Any ideas on types of stretching? I use a couple of small variations on a lunge type stance.

I had a problem with tight hip flexors a couple of years ago, was pretty uncomfortable squating. Anyways a guy in the gym showed me a lunge type stretch. Kneel down on one knee, keep your spine straight, then pull your body forward keeping the knee on the floor in the same position. You should feel the stretch from the hip flexor down to around the mid of the front of the thigh. This simple stretch completily eliminated my hip flexor problems. Hope it works for you.