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ART Experiences

I am thinking about going to an ART practitioner for my ailing shoulders. Was wondering what experiences fellow T-me could share with me. How many visits? Do you have to go back regularily? What was the treatment like?

I had my left shoulder fixed by a doctor that incorporated ART into his techniques.

It was 3 or 4 treatements total.

I found that my shoulder continued to get better months after the treatment.

All in all it was damn good work.

Do a search for my name and art. see what you come up with. I think im the most vocal proponent on this website of art. It has literally changed my life. My knees were so bad before the treatments that i had to drive everywhere i went because i couldnt keep my knees bent in a car. Worth every penny. and luckily my insurance covered it.

It depends as with everything everyone is different. Some people are all good in one session others take several. You only have to go until your adheasions are released or the problems corrected. The treatment is like deep tissue massage but with a twist. Mine always felt kinda like an indian burn. Didn’t hurt it actually felt good especially the blood rush to that area after it is released. I was amazed at how messed up parts of me were.

Success story - About a year and a half ago my right shoulder was acting up. I read about ART on T-Mag and found a local ART trained Chiropractor. After two sessions that shoulder felt amazingly good and hasn’t given me a problem since. I told a ton of people that ART was amazing!
Unsuccess story - My left shoulder has been acting up since early February. I’ve seen the same chiro five or six times and the shoulder has not improved in the least. It is bad enough that I can’t lift right now.
The treatments aren’t what I’d call painful, but I’d say they are “uncomfortable.”
Hope it works for you!

I had my shoulder worked on, and it did wonders for me. 3-4 sessions is about right, and then maybe a follow up visit.

I had a shoulder problem from benching last year and went to an ART practitioner. She
fixed my shoulder problem after a few visits. She said my scar tissue had “velcro” the
muscles of my shoulder together. She told me to only use dumbbells for two months and
do not barbell flat bench. She suggested I start with Incline DB, flat bench DB, decline
DB then try 1 set of flys. Also did rotator cup strengthening exercises. Hope this helps you.

Also try this web site to find one in your area www.activerelease.com/locator/index2.cfm

Cousin has just finished 4-5 sessions of ART and Acupuncture on his shoulder and he said he was feeling better than ever. Played baseketball once and fucked it up again. He’s getting it operated on cause it just keeps popping out.

I had ART work done at the beginning of the year to break up scar tissue in my rhomboid that had given me trouble for years. It took about three sessions to completely eliminate it, but there was a HUGE improvement after the first visit alone.

I think the important thing to keep in mind with ART is that you need to take it easy on the muscle that is being worked on, after the work is done. Remember, in ART your muscles are being fixed be being “redamaged” (when the adhesions are broken off of the muscle fibres). Take about 2 months to hit the muscle with some light, safe, strengthening and then you can go at it harder. When following this method, my shoulder got better and better, now it actually feels better than my “noninjured” shoulder!

My ART practicioner gave me some strengthening exercies to do on the particular muscles being worked on. I was also suprised that I put on some mass and some definition on my rear delts just by using resistance bands.