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ART doctors

I am very interested in ART …do any of you t mag guys know any good practitioners out in southern california…santa monica to be exact…

or any other way I could find a qualified
practitioner…in state…



well guys I got the number and called them…we will see what happens from here…

Active Release Techniques at 719-473-7000

anyone with experiance with this practice?


I have had ART performed on almost every part of my body at one point or another, mostly the shoulder/back area, and this stuff works. I would recommend ART before any other type of treatment. The usual physical therapy type stuff can’t hold ART’s jockstrap when it comes to results.

call Dr.Chris Barney(ART instructor) he is in Irvine 949 476 1250,there might be someone in LA,I don’t know but you can call for a referral at 719 473 7479 ask for Davina.

sorry, but i’m going to piggyback my own question on this post: anybody know of ART practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Call the referral # at 719-473-7000 for the closest provider.

Hi guys… there are 3 practitioners in Pasadena and the Valley. There’s no one certified on the Westside that I know of. The 3 guys I send most of my Work Comp claimants to are in OC (Fullerton, Orange). There are about a dozen people in the Bay area, and half a dozen that I know of in San Diego. Leahy’s clinic will give you the referrals if you call. If you have a serious injury, make sure you are seeing someone who has a lot of good clinical outomes for your type of problem under their belt. I send most of the Work Comp people I see to ART practitioners for carpal tunnel and related problems. The outcomes are amazing and put most standard medical interventions to shame.

P.S., it will be well worth the trouble to drive a ways to see an ART doc if you live in Santa Monica. I had one claimant drive in all the way from Barstow to OC to work with me and one of the ART docs here. She was able to avoid having surgery and went back to being a court reporter without any problems.

Jim, I’ve been receiving ART treatments from Nancy Auge at Fitwell Chiropractic Sports Medicine in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. They treat pro bodybuilders, rock climbers, etc… Check them out at fitwell.com.

thanks, calvin! i’ll check them out.