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Art De Vany


Ever since the inspirational article posted here last year ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=709484 ), I have kept up with the blog of Art De Vany on his web site (arthurdevany.com).

I don't know if anyone else follows this, but FYI - he has suffered tragic personal losses (albeit both expected), with the death of his mother and, the next day, that of his wife. Yet through it all, he has shown a courage, conviction and understanding that I envy and aspire to attain.

I salute him, and wish him well. I just wanted to share that on here, being as T-Nation is where I first learned of this terrific individual.



Sad to hear about his mother and wife. I stopped reading his blog months ago when he acted like a little kid because the first chapter of his book didn't sell like he wanted it to. He also blogged less and less saying something about the blog not being worth the little bit of money he did make on his chapter.

But now knowing that things were more grave than he let on (hell of a man in that), I might start checking in again.


I've been following Art's blog and book progress since the article here. Considering everything that's happened, he seems to be handling it extraordinarily well.

Poor guy, I wish him all the best.


I really enjoy his work. He has an amazing ability to cut through a lot of crap with a simple insightful worldview.

I have kept him in my prayers for quite a while. I hope he does well with the double loss...grief is difficult at any time and at any level, but those multiple losses seem to be very hard. My best to and for him.


My understanding is that he has pretty much finished up the blog - apart from the updating re: the death of his mother and wife.

He certainly is a unique individual, a lot of what he says I dont necessarily agree with but at least he has the balls to try and make a difference.


Is the book still coming out?


I too pass on my best wishes for Art.

I wonder was his wife also an advocate of Art's teachings and lifestyle? Does anyone know how old she was? Also, where can I locate his blog, I would love to read it.




Thanks for the web site. This brought a tear to my eyes:

[quote]Our homes were always lovely and it was a great pleasure to come home to her each night after work. We ate nearly every dinner together and walked most evenings with one another. That is the moment of the day when I shall miss her most.

I had all that love and beauty beside me for nearly 50 years. It was a privilege and a great responsibility to care for this fragile beauty and our deep love. I know I did it well; she told me with her eyes, those lovely eyes, and the few words she could find as the end neared.[quote]