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ART Covered By Insurance?

Anybody know?

I read in an old article about it that Dr. Leahy named it ART, and applied for several patents on it so that it could be covered by most major carriers.

Depends on your insurance. If chiropractic is covered, then I see no reason why you couldn’t get ART covered as well… provided your practitioner is also a chiropractor. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple months. Gotta love getting the treatment for just a $10 co-pay.

i was going to a chiro that was ART trained. I got my ART under the guise of chiro covered by insurance.

Mine is. Most ART guys are chiropractors so if chiro care is covered the ART should be as well.

I would guess “yes” since, in my experience, it seems to be mostly chiropractors that perform ART and chiros are covered by almost all insurance pkgs.

Depends on your insurnace but if you have a PT/Chiropractic benefit you should be covered

Funny you ask this question. I made my first ART appointment for next Wednesday to address my lower back injury. No health insurance for me so I’ll have to take the $45 fee all myself. I’ll update afterwards…

My staff massage therapist is an ART practicioner, but being just a licensed massage therapist, he does not get payments from insurance. My friend Bill Hartman, however, is a physical therapist as well as a level 2 ART practicioner, which means that if you get prescribed PT by a physician and that PT happens to know ART, and that is the treatment needed of course, then insurance in that case would pay for it.

make sure you do Machine…

yeah i just had my first treatment i have a bad shoulder injury man felt difference in first session,i had a cortison injection, mri showed nothing, called shoulder impingement syndrome, mine is covered have a 250$ deductible, payed like 110, then 52, once reach deductible is around 7$ each time could take numerous session depending on how long or naggging the injury has been