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ART and Chiropractor In NYC

Any recommendations for someone in New York City? I have a tweaked lower back that is acting up- I think I did it on squats, but I have a history of lower back injury susceptibility.

Nobody from NY that has a chiropratic recommendation?

John Schneider, DC. He works with many professional teams/athletes.

Go to www.activerelease.com and do a provider search for him. His contact info is on the site.

If you can not find it, let me know, I’ll locate him for you.

Take care,


Best of luck getting your back fixed. I had a serious nerve entrapment in my arm for 3 years which drastically curtailed my lifting. The results I got from ART where bordering on miraculous.

I appreciate it- nothing worse than an injury that prevents me from training

Check out Ming Chew. He’s really good and combines other techniques (like pompage) with ART to get great results. Lou Schuler and others outside the lifting community have written about him (the NYTimes ran some stories because he worked with Jason Kidd and Jason Giambi). I met him by luck and it was one of the best things that happened to my lifting and health.


I just noticed your avatar, do you go to Columbia too?

If you can get to S. CT try Dr. Gil Chimes - Greenwich Sports Medicine in Greenwich, CT.
He is a great guy and does great work.

actually sergius, I did go there, but now I teach part time there. Thank you for your recommendation. That is really funny that you mention Ming Chew because I met him at Barnes and Noble a year ago in the health section and I just found his card the other day.