Arsenic in Chicken

I wasn’t sure if this story needed to go here or in the politics section…

Slightly un-related, chicken fat makes me gag. I have to literally cut my chicken until i make sure there’s no fatty chunks too big to cook down.

Good read. If this doesn’t convince you to buy locally sourced, organic food I don’t know what will. Can’t understate how important it is to know where your food comes from. You are putting it in your face after all.

An article on the same story with a bit of a different spin:

My take is this: Food has been, and will continue to be, contaminated in many different ways. It is contaminated with bacteria, with chemical agents, with insects and parasites, etc. Eating locally sourced, organic food is wonderful if you can afford it. Being that many cannot, we must balance our fears with logic, and realize the true extent to which these contaminants affect us.