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Arrogant Defenders

In my few years on the Web, and on and off Forums like this, I’ve come to the conclusion that they live or die (if not literally, certainly interest wise), based on a lot of factors: turn around and up-time; Webmaster and moderator interest; topics discussed; something I call; “self-policing” by the people who post.(e.g. those who continually encourage people to use the search engine, or give them a “gentle flame” when it’s obvious that all they are trying to do is compromise the Forum. TEK, my man…I think you’re a valuble part of that “self-policing” force…don’t stop…)

However…there is one group that tries to hide behind a cloak of self-righteousness. They seem to come from nowhere (a couple are regularly showing up on the Forum lately)as the “Great Defenders” against what THEY perceive as Forum arrogance, but what is in reality an attempt by many contributors to not have this site digress to a discussion of Video Games, the latest “babe” on the WB, nonsense, or oft-covered topics that could EASILY be found by the click of a mouse. Many sites similar to this have become “Forums of Discussion” in name only because they failed to self-police themselves and/or the moderators had at best luke-warm interest in the integrity of the site (Which is FAR from the case with the gang at “Testosterone”. They even placed “lighter” topics into an area of their own so that the topics central to many of our intersest did not get “diluted” with a lot of non-sense).

Hey…the guys at “Testosterone” gave this whole community a moniker that says it all…they didn’t name it “Hardcore” or “Arrogant Sum’ Bitches”…but “Muscle With Attitude”. If some of you “Self-Rightous Defenders” percieve a little attitude as arrogance…so be it. But your post have proven to me that you are the most arrogant of all…Peace…

I don’t think I get it. Am I a self-policer or an great defender or an arrogant defender?

I don’t mind "arrogance"if it can be backed up by facts. But, I am also confused by this post. Should I start posting my name as “Patricia, aka Arrogant Defender” or “Patricia, aka Bitch w/Muscle and Attitude”?

Drax: You’re kewl! Definitely a “policer”!

I hope this thread makes sense…rants tend to ramble a bit. It’s just that some of the post were (and are)getting a little irritating. It should be interesting to see if any of the “Arrogant Defenders” post on their own. (That’s the reason why I didn’t mention any by nic).

I agree with Drax and in the immortal words of a very wise dood: “What chu talkin bout Willis?”

I hear you loud and clear Mufasa. I think we need a few more guys like TEK on the forum. I wish newbies would do their homework. I’m getting tired of all the bullshit posts asking questions that are either common sense or can be answered searching the mag or forum.


are you feeling ok bro?

Thanks. I know I come off like an asshole sometimes when the person asks a stupid and/or nerbie question without researching first, but then I usually feel bad and suggest and article to two to read. I just get annoyed by those that post questions at the forum and yet don’t seem to read T-mag. WTF? You know the ones, “Anybody know where I can get a good diet plan/training program?” Do they read the forum and yet not know about the mag associated with it, or are they just lazy?

Anyway, I like the self-policing. It keeps this great forum from being overrun by trolls, lazy newbies, (newbies are fine, but not lazy ones), and those faux tough guys who are probably 16 year old fat asses who can’t get laid so they get on a board and get “hardcore”: one reason I don’t even look over at the dying AE board anymore which was always infested with this breed of loser.

I think TC nailed it with his snob Atomic Dog a few weeks ago. Yeah, I’m a T-snob, but kinda helpful sometimes too. :slight_smile:

I must confess that I don’t comprehend your post completely, but I think I get the general gist of it. A few comments/observations: (1) Using the search engine is not as easy as it sounds - half of the time I get a server error message. (2) Snobbery is at an all time high on this board. Its sort of ironic too, because other than the T-mag staff posters like Bill Roberts, there are only a couple of guys like SpongeBob or BloatbagStu who seem to know what they are talking about. The other ‘expert’ posters are generally just paroting something they’ve read somewhere and don’t cite the source. (3) The ‘hardcore’ snobery is even more out of control. (4) Too many posters post their ‘guesses’ as ‘facts’ and just pollute the threads. Its great to try to answer a guy’s plea for advice, but if you aren’t really sure about what you are posting then make sure it is explicit in your post that you are just making an educated guess or assumption. (5) World class athletes in every sport are on anabolic support, so why does everyone think that body builders cheat by using them? (I know that is off topic, but it bothers me.) It seems like many posters here believe that the only thing keeping them from being Mr Olympia is a bucket full of steroids.

Why don’t we just ignore the lazy (and sometimes stupid) questions? I do. Or at least have been making a effort to do. I’m a newbie to this site, but I do understand correct forum protocol - alot of which is common sense. But I’m not a newbie to training and nutrition - sometimes I can understand someones confusion when first arriving on this forum - especially someone who has very little computer experience AND has been receiving their info on diet and excercise from Redbook, Womens Wear Daily, and …what are the men’s rags? I don’t read these things…anywhoos…but I can feel many of your pain. I go on Ain’t it Cool News pretty regularly and you wanna talk nerdie dudes trying to act all toughman? How about MOVIE nerds (but I’m one…I think of myself as a geek - even though my boyfriend would say differently…wait, maybe not…he he he) trying to sound tough while discussing the upcoming Blade2 (btw: it looks REAL good, fellow T-Pals) or Spider-Man. But keep giving them hell for bein’ lazy…and I’ll do my part, too.

I aggree with the fact that the best form of self policing is by ignoring posts in which the answers are readily available or what not. I already basically do that. I don’t respond to posts that do not interest me. I do like the occasional arguing and bickering that occur. I reduce it to general good fun. It also give people the ability to flex their mantal muscle, kind of like a chess game. Besides I really reduce most of it to people trying to find others like themselves. I think it’s healthy to have debate, to call each others ‘assholes’ but in the end I think most people really like each other. You may disagree with me on one post, but agree with me on another. We also get air out our dirty laundry, attempt to force ourt point of view on others, it’s really a beautiful thing. If somebody posts something dumb, tell them or ignore them. You want to call someone names, oh hell, why not? I concider this place a nice place to take a break and get my mind off of more dismal things, like work. So everybody fuck off!, now let’s go grab a beer bud! it’s on me.

Here I go against the grain again. Let me just make these points. 1) All the answers to 100% of these questions can be found in text form (assuming the question has previously been asnswered ex: In a study or theoretically). So why bother having a forum? Asking a question is just a form of laziness. 2) TEK, you’re actually very helpful and I know alot of people appreciate your input. But why do you feel the need to be the forum’s Table of Content? If you feel a question is too lame to answer, why dont you just let it pass? I might be wrong, but you dont work for this site.

I feel exactly how you feel Mufasa. I was an avid reader of T-mag for months before I jumped into the forum. I had never participated on a forum like this and I thank God that I finally made the jump. The discussions and topics discussed on the forum are quite interesting for the most part. Of course there are the frequent “lazy newbie” posts as TEK mentioned and the come from no where know it alls, who seem to come and go, but not stay too long. I think that encouraging the newbies to get on the search engine is the best thing that we can do. Personally I would rather help create a T-man by encouraging him to use the search engine than scare them away by flaming them or never answering their questions. As for the know-it-all kinds, I tend to leave these people alone because they don’t seem willing to discuss but rather they want to only spout their special wisdom. I truly appreciate this forum and I think that while some people hide behind the anonymity of an internet forum, most of the people that post here fess up to their weaknesses and add to the posts if they actually know something useful. Anyone who has spent more than a few weeks on this forum generally recognize the posters who are worth listening to.

No, I don’t work for T-mag, just an avid reader since issue 2 or 3. I don’t ignore the posts because although some questions are lazy or dumb, they’re also very easy to answer and hey, we’ve all been ignorant newbies at one time. So instead of writing them back a book-sized answer or acting like a now it all, I direct them to an article they can read. That way I help, but they still have to do the work themselves and maybe even discover how to use the search engine.

TEK- Walking Table of Contents. I kinda like that!

(disclaimer–good sense follows): I have plenty of attitude–a good one. One that seeks to build the other person up, and to assist and help, even if I must do without something for a while. (i don’t claim perfection, a few of my posts have beem taken wrongly.) Postings lack facial expression, tone of voice and volume. It seems it is always the OTHER person who is lazy, the know-it-all, the arrogant one, the stupid newbie, or whatever. I automatically turn off any postings that slams the asker of the question, uses language from the sewer, or has the attitude they own the board. Those can form their own message board. These boards are meant for learning, and interaction. A person does not need to know all things about working out, to make a suggestion. Just because I went from 247 to 185 lbs., from a 44 waist to a solid 32, does not mean I am the total authority on weight loss, either. My goal is to strive to be positive. It takes no creativity to rip me apart, so if someone decides to, it speaks volumes of them anyway. (some else is being left alone LOL) Maranatha–Peace to you.

I agree Mufasa. there are a lot of self righteous cop hating pricks out there, who bring their women-hating rhetoric to this fine forum. Who are they to have an opinion? They must be silenced.

As usual, Mufasa has come up with an interesting and thought-provoking thread topic. Good job! As for a response…I don’t know. I agree that it’s best to let most lazy posters go by the wayside without an answer, but every once in a while someone puts something up that is just too stupid to ignore. My personal pet peeve being the illiterate guys - especially the ones who, after posting something that no one can make heads or tails of, keep bumping the thread in the hopes of getting an answer. I agree that it’s better to try to give helpful advice, but sorry, there’s a limit. Someone who can’t be bothered to reread a post to see if others can understand it probably isn’t going to be interested in keeping a detailed food log. So my feeling is that giving out good advice is going to be a waste of time (for thsoe people) anyway. On the other hand, there are always those occasional threads that raise interesting questions, or that detail someone’s progress in a way that contributes to the general pool of knowledge. Those are the ones that really make this forum worthwhile. (Okay, Mufasa, I gotta know: am I one of the arrogant ones or a policer? Tell me the truth, baby!)

Char! A policer (AND one of the most insightful posters, by the way!)…no problem!

Guys…thanks for your replys. As I said earlier…rants tend to ramble, so I’m sorry for that. But as always…you guys got the gist if what I was trying (al biet BADLY!) to say. Hey…if a thread can stimulate discussion AND help make this an even better board…then it’s served a purpose.If we and the gang at “Testosterone” aren’t diligent in keeping a strong board…it will die like so many others…

…then ALL of us lose…

Okay Lion King – How’s about you list out the posters and your take on thier role on this-here forum? We’re all dying to know.