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I’m off to Siena, Italy tomorrow! I probably won’t be on the forum much this summer, but I’ll be sure to pop in every once in awhile. I’ll be back with a vengeance mid-August, though!

Good Luck, have fun, stay strong! Enjoy…

 You lucky son of a bitch!

 Have fun! Remember:

 -Drink wine till the cows come home
 -bang a few of them italian girls
 -resume drinking till the cows come home.

Spending the summer in a beautiful country with beautiful women definitely doesn’t suck much. Do you need someone to carry your bags?

Have fun!!

Don’t forget to write, you lucky bastard.

Hey, wait they’ve got computers over there. How about some regular updates? I would like to see some indepth research on the the women of Italy from a T-Man’s perspective. Preferably as seen from beneath the covers, if you get my drift. Details, no matter how insignificant they may appear to be need to be included. Don’t worry about being too graphic, I can take it.

 Pics, We want them!

 DO NOT forget your brotherhood back home dreaming of those italian muses.

 Post some pics of beautiful Italy with a few of them italian muses.


 I heard for $500 they will do more than just smile for the camera too, but I wont say anything...

Say hello to a diet very rich in olive oil and carbs… it’s hard to eat enough protein there. Bring along a shaker bottle and a load of MRPs. You can buy the smoked ham just about anywhere, though, for a couple protein/fat meals per day. Try to find an actual grocery store to do your food shopping and you’ll save a lot of money. Enjoy! Italy is a great place. My wife and I go once a year to Florence where we got engaged.

“I heard for $500 they will do more than just smile for the camera too”

Yeah but the American ones will do it for a couple glasses of wine…