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For those interested, I made it to Korea.


Good. Okay now what? :slight_smile:


I've been on the egde of my seat.


That's a relief. Impressions?


I love Ike.


I Love Ike.

"The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post"

~ George Bernard Shaw


No no no no!


I love Ike


I deadlift too.


I think the Bear is a dumb lift.

That is all.


Oh Justin! heee heeeee


I love Ike's teeth. And Ike. And Ike's mom. Milf. Milf Teeth. Ha ha.


glad to hear you had a safe trip. Now get ta crackin on starting that Korean T-cell...;o)


Your post total suffered while you were in transit. Sorry.


Hell I want some of this action. I love Ike.


Thanks for the detailed story, Ike.


Oh yeah. I love Ike.


I don't necessarily love Ike. But I do respect him as a quality individual who deadlifts and doesn't train like a pussy.

So there.

And so, Ike: when you gonna try that kimchee?


I actually like Ike quite a bit. I'm not comfortable going to the "love" place on an Internet forum when discussing another guy.


I only LIKE Jim. He's a sissy.


Just now got to reading this thread.

Nice to see I'm loved, ya' bastards. :wink: