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Arresting G20 Protestors


Seems rather beyond the pale, even to me.


A paragraph from the description......

How is it beyond the pale for the police to arrest people marching without a permit that is required by law? As far as I could see, no unneccessary force was used in the arrest.


the constitution says we have the right to peacebly assemble.


I work with some of those idiots. How I managed to find myself in a sea of morons is beyond me. They go there armed with video cameras and the intent of pushing the police to reacte. The more violent the better. They then take these videos home, edit them up right and tasty leaving out anything increminating, and serve them to idiots on the intertube to eat right up.

here is a video of the idiots hurling bricks and shoving dumpsters at the police. If you dont have the patience to watch the whole thing, go about 4 minutes in and you get a real good shot at what they consider to be peaceful assembly.


In the middle of the street? blocking traffic? throwing bricks?


Obey the government.

Now only if they had a secretive backdoor funding by a couple of political strategists and a clever "grassroots" feel, then they would be legit!

I mean, Americans would never hold a protest that actually showed their anger regardless of any rationality. We dumped tea into a harbor dressed as natives becuase it was a rational thing to do! A better way to show they are angry would be to sit on lawn chairs and hold signs up calling people hitler!

Think about how sad those nice police were when they had to forgo their weekly starlight tour and go deal with G20 protesters.


If you were blocking a street I pay for to use to get to work, I'd want you arrested too.


Koffea's right. When I was in college I went to a few of these protests. Those kids are just upper middle class suburban scum who are an embarassment to whatever cause they claim to represent. Most of them can't even articulate what it is they are protesting beyond a few memorized talking points.


unfortunately, my co-workers are now out of college, but their old professor driven talking points have stuck.

i never went to any of the G20 or G8 protests, but I went to plenty of others back in my younger years and i feel that i have a lot of atoning to do. the truth does not matter to these people, its all about "Product Positioning". They dont just distort the truth, they outright lie at times. You really just should not trust any of their videos - end of story.


Personally, I don't have any atoning to do. Actually talking to these people and asking questions opened my eyes to just how radical and far removed from reality these people are and set me straight politically.