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Arrested for Feeding the Homeless


I just saw this article on Digg.

Apparently some activist is about to go on trial for violating an Orlando ordinance prohibiting the feeding of homeless people. The article is pretty vague about the details of both the law and the incident in question, but it does seem pretty bizarre.


Orlando is trying to move the homeless into a different area but this is a poor way to do it.


What's so weird? Many cities have ordinances against feeding the animals. Otherwise they multiply and get aggressive, requiring stronger measures to be taken.

On another note, I hope the activist's lawyer sends him for a haircut and a shave before trial. Otherwise he might walk in facing a misdemeanor nuisance charge and walk out with convictions for wife beating, cooking meth, and 3rd degree bestiality.


reminds me of the south park episode "night of the living homeless".

its true though, if u feed them, they will come.


I think the law is stupid; I have to wonder what would make someone think that was a good law. If I were a cop the only way I would enforce it would be if it were a law passed by a vote


I'm surprised the religious nuts aren't up in arms about this. After all, doesn't the bible encourage people to "feed the hungry"? But now this has been made illegal?

I'm appalled.

Not surprised though.


If you would only give them your muffin stumps there would be no starving homeless people.