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Arrested Development - The Movie

There is a God. I hope.


I can’t recall a funnier show. Period.

This has never been, nor will there ever be a better show created.

Probably won’t be better than the show, but if it is even half as funny I will laugh my ass off. One of my favorite shows ever, doesn’t matter if its Tobias “Sorry I just blew myself” or Buster’s mom rant “cause I’m an uptight fu------------”

Yes! I really hope it happens this time.

Wow, I can’t wait. I still can’t believe they canceled this show…

Best “I’m moving and can’t afford to move all my shit” present I ever got was the series on DVD.

I can’t believe she got rid of the DVDs but kept stuff like her toothbrush.

One of my favs (couldn’t find the vid as the dialog alone doesn’t do justice to the scenes that follow):

G.O.B.: Hey, Michael, have you seen the new “Poof”?
Michael: His name is Gary, and we don’t need any more lawsuits.
G.O.B.: No, I mean the magazine. Wait…Gary’s gay? He’s gonna think I was coming on to him.