Arramzy's Training log - IPF Sheiko Style

Hey guys!
So I lift IPF and have a meet coming up in 8 weeks and 1 day! Bit of background, I have been lifting serious for only about 1 year (before did some bodybuilding lol) but unfortunately broke my toe about 3.5 months ago and was out of commision from sq/dl until about 1.5 months ago (totally smashed my big toe so no, i couldn’t squat as I have heard a million times). At any rate, prior to that incident my PRs were:
Sq- 455 wrap+belt
BP- 275 raw, 335 shirted
DL- 463 belt

Since the injury I have now hit:
Sq - 405 triple
BP - 285 raw, 345 shirted
DL - umm well nothing noteworthy lol…

Anyways, started sheiko 37 this past monday as I broke my toe while doing 29 and totally loved it! At any rate I probably wont continue it for the full 4 weeks because I need to work on my squat suit and bench shirt as I am completely new to the former, and need practise in the latter. Anyways here are my first 3 workouts of a slightly modified sheiko:

O and I am 80kg (176lb) and 5’ 6.5"

Monday AM:
180 2x4
210 2x3
225 5x3 (all paused and a bit tough)

285 2x5 *belt
315 4x4 *wraps

Monday PM:
150 x6
180 2x6
195 4x6 (no pause and super easy)

Wednesday AM:
230 x5
275 2x5
320 2x4
345 4x3 *belt

Incline bench:
160,165,170,175,180,185 x4 - in a rush so very easy

ABS 5x10

Wednesday PM:
BW +45 5x5

Deadlift from just below the knees:
230 x5
275 2x5
320 2x4
364 4x3

Front squat:
135lb 3x5

255 2x4
315 2x3 *belt
345 x3 *wraps (convicts)
350 x3
365 x3
285 2x3 RAW

Good mornings 135 5x5

225 2x3
240 2x2
250 2x1
225 2x1 FAST

DB Flys: 20lb 5x10
ABS 3x10

Ok so since last friday:
Standing OHP:
115 3x5

Misc biceps, 4 set upper back, forearm work (with fat bar)

Worked up to suit:
135 x5
315x1 (belt)
375 x1 (bottoms)
405 x1 (wraps)
425 x1
445 x1
465 x1 (straps up)
475 x1

Easy hack squats (mostly cooldown really) 4x8

long ass workout! Did this in bit over 1 hour

Alright… So for monday:
Front squat:
185 6x4

Good morning:
155 5x5

155 x5
185 x4
225 x3
245 x2
275 x2 *shirt 3 board
295 x2 *shirt 2 board
305 x1 *shirt almost touch
315 3x1 *shirt to chest
240 2x2 RAW

DB chest fly superset with rear delt fly 5x10 with 20lb
BB shoulder press (alternate behind/infront of head each rep) 5x10 65lb

Fairly easy day… Squats were too easy actually but whatever… The shirt work was not bad, have hit 345 before so nothing that important. I liked shirting then dropping for a couple raw sets, it felt good. Anyways, just gonna take it easy today and probably do some biceps, prehab and foam rolling today! Tomorrow I will be suiting up for a few reps of dead.

Did some foam rolling and some biceps lol…

Had a shitty attempt at suiting up for deadlifts… It wasn’t terrible just a bit disspointing lol…
320 2x3
345 x2
355x1 *bottoms (TERRIBLE)
365x1 (still shitty)
385x1 getting better
405x1 *straps up
425x1 -best rep of the day, got down really nicely and the bar shot up and then locked it out
445x1 - Hips came up first so I lost benefit of suit so the lockout was a struggle and a bit iffy

Lunch Hour:
Close grip 1 board Bench press (lol long name):
210 5x4

Bent arm chest flyes:
35,40,45,50,55 x10

Foam rolling…

Gonna go back again in the evening to do some deficit deads… Gahhhh I’m tired!!!

K so finished Deads today (thursday)…
Was at crappy gym so improvised a bit… Stood on a thick 45 plate and used 25s on the bar (so the bar was barely getting over my toes… But they didn’t have enough plates so it stayed light:
215 4x5

4x12 cable rowing really leaned back (so it was mostly a trap exercise)

And a couple sets of easy abs!

Tomorrow may have to go light on the squats cause my lower back feels weird after a ‘massage’ from my girlfriend that left it feeling weird…

K so woke up feeling great so did some good squats this morning:
275 2x4
315 2x3 *belt
345 6x3 *inzer wraps done loosely like only 7 wraps

This was the first time post injury I was really feeling confident in my form (since i broke my toe 3.5 months ago and started lifting about 7 weeks ago)

Then just some super light leg extensions for 3 sets cause I felt like it lol…

Feeling good but tired. Eating like a pig. Gone up in weight from 172 to about 178 since starting and no fat gain. Mostly cause I weighed like 182 ish before injury so it’s coming back nicely.

Ok so came back and did MORE! So tired…
Anyways, bench pyramid first:
215 2x4
225 2x3
240 2x2

This is ~exactly as written (300 max) and was reasonable for difficulty. If I had taken my time it would have been easy but I don’t like being in the gym forever.

Next did some front squats… Never gone this heavy and damn it hurts my shoulders…

230x3 *belt
250 2x2
230 2x2

Was a pansy and dropped the weight for my last two sets… Whatever, this weekend I am spending it in bed and gonna do various horizontal and vertical preses with the girlfriend for active recovery

Ahhhhh girlfriend took me for a run today and we did about 5k… My shins are still burning like hell… Ah well, tomorrow I get to do some ridiculous squats and bench… Yay…

With program written with a bit of a high belt/wrap squat max I am spose to do 380 for 5x3… I think that it is definitely doable but may take forever. I might drop it to 365. Bench should be 240 5x3 so tough but not too bad. Then the second round of squats I am lowering percentage for RAW squat w/o belt and doing 260 5x5… Might leave that for tuesday lol

Forgot to write but Saturday I did:
Good mornings 5x6 145lb
6 sets of easy upper back work
5x10 tricep pushdowns (120lb i think?)
and 5x10 bent arm DB flyes with 50lb

Now monday…

In the morning:
265 2x4
315 2x3 *belt
355,65,75 x3 *wraps (convicts)
335 2x3 *lose the wraps

In the evening:
210 2x3
240 5x3 *wrist wraps all paused
Got tough by the end but finished all the reps without too too much struggling… Bar speed was definitely slow by the end.

5x10 bench arm DB fly (45lb) superset with rear delt flyes 5x12 (20lb)
Military press: 65 2x10, 75 3x10

Whew! I didn’t do the second round of squats but I think I might do some today (tuesday)… We will see how I feel!

K so tuesday went in at lunch!

No squat racks so started with some foam rolling, 3 decent sets of upper back, rear delts then got on the squat rack for…

Front Squats:
225x6 *Raw front squat PR!!!

So pretty pleased tho definitely thinking the deadlifts tomorrow might be tough but should for sure be doable. Going for 365 5x2 then some rack pulls later with 365 4x4… I am contemplating moving the second round of deadlifting for saturday… Any thoughts??

Wednesday (may 25th),
So couldn’t get to gym in the AM so went at lunch and my lunch gym wont allow deadlifting due to the shitty bars with no grip they have… So I benched and it was brutal! First time I have ever struggled with a bench workout in sheiko

150 x6
180 x5
210 x4
225 x3
240 x2
255 x1
265 x1
240 x2
225 2x3
210 2x4
195 x5
180 x6
165 x7
150 x8

OMFG!!! lol, last rep of all sets paused (including singles) as well as all reps for the 180,165,150 in the ramping down of pyramid… Was beat!

Then did my chest flyes with MAJOR stretching with like 15lb db for 5x10 then left and now have a sore ass twitchy chest… This friday I am def not benching but gonna to close grip and military I think… We will see, maybe some board pressing… This evening gonna do first round of deads then leave the second round for tomorrow or saturday

Went in for the Deadlifting this evening and it was tough… I am starting to feel the wear and tear of this sheiko…
So anyways:

320 2x3
365 5x2

So tried wearing different shoes and didn’t like it… Going back to my chucks… I am thinking that this is starting to be too much but I am really not sure. Might take it easier on friday and then start up need program next week. Next week I think I will do 1 speed workout for each lift and then some bodybuilding style movements IE higher rep work (6-12) with exercises like DB press, leg press etc just to recuperate from all this work on the big 3. Then the following week start my max effort work up until my contest july 9!

Just realized I never stated that I am a 20yr old junior and been lifting serious for 1yr

Went in to my lousy little gym today at lunch and tried doing some rack pulls… grip on bars sucked so I didn’t go too heavy.


365x2 *hurt my hands too much and I was tired

So not too crappy… Meh… Tomorrow I will take it a bit easy… Getting tired

K so friday… Been busy but got in my bench at lunch:

Close grip bench:
150x5 *2 board
185x4 *2 board
210 2x3 *2 board
240 2x2 *2 board
240 2x3 *2 board/1 board 1 board!

Whoops, for last set it’s 1 board/2board/2board! My bad, was in a rush at work! Tomorrow I plan to go in for some good mornings, military press and abs!

So Sunday went in for some miscellaneous…
Did my…

Incline bench 135x12, 145x12, 155x12, 165x12

Barbell rows 135x12, 155x11, 155x12

good mornings… 3 sets seated 4 sets standing w/ 155lb

Did some shrugs… 4 sets?

Biceps… 4 sets?

Face pulls 3x15

Easy day!

K so monday… Doing an easy week… Should be more calculated in my work but meh… Did:

Speed squats:

235 3x6 (lol)

Leg press: 3x10

3 sets of abs

That was all… Coming in on:
tuesday: speed bench and military press
Wednesday: speed deads and zercher squats
Thursday: speed close grip and DB bench
Friday: light upper back, light good mornings and light abs
Sat/Sun: Rest

Then going to do… Eeek not positive… Thinking of doing just like simple Coan/Westside/linear type of workout… Not sure tho… Might do more sheiko… I love it too much hehe… But I have contest on july 9th… Need to be smart… Gahhh I’ll see…

K so decided to finish week 4 of sheiko lol… Did bench today (Tues/Thurs/Sat) qill squat wed/Sun and deadlift on friday…
So today:

275x3 *Shirt on 3 board press
295x1 *2 board (was by myself and the boards moved)
315x1 *No board but missed chest ~2 board
295x3 *About 3 board height in air
305x3 *About 2 board height in air
315x2 *almost to chest in air
325x1 *arch shrunk so i hit pins but still locked it out no problem

5x8 dips with bodyweight (182lb)
Chest flyes and chest supported db rows (only like 35lb for 12s)

So today (wednesday) in the AM:
265 2x4
315 2x3 *belt
365 2x3 *wraps (convicts)
405 3x2

All good but the second reps on my 405 sets were too slow and a bit of a forward lean… Otherwise happy.

THen did:
45lb - GMx15, front sqx10
95 - GMx10, Front sqx8
145 - GMx7, Front sqx5

Then finished my cooldown with 3 mins on the bike! Feeling quite good today