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A bunch of people that i go to school with told me about this product and how great it is for you blah blah blah. I looked it up and found that it “destroys estrogen and maximizes testosterone.” The ingredients listed in it are

4-androstene- 3,6,17-trione (AKA: delta-4-10, 13-dimethyl-cyclopenta[a]phenantrene)-3,6,17-trione): 100 mg

Bioavailability Enhancement Complex (proprietary blend of
(6,7-Dihdroxybergamottin [DHB], Naringen, Bioperine, GF-I-1, GF-I-4): 50mg

I looked at the website of the company who created it. Its called ALRI. I was wondering if anyone knew what this crap is or if anyone has used it becasue im no chem genius and have no clue about the ingredients and just would like to learn more.

It’s an estrogen block. It’s made by a dude name L. Rea who’s best known for being a steriod guru.

Whether or not it works, I can’t say. I did purchase one his other products and I’ll let the nation know how that goes.

really? what product did you purchase?

The Creatine HCL product, my curiousity has gotten the better of me.