Aromatisation on Very Low Test E Dose

Ok. So how do I find out what my problem is? This has been going on for three years I have no idea what to do

All men diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency have a disease process that is lowering the testosterone, so by going on TRT you are circumventing that disease process and it doesn’t always work.

Then hopefully this doctor will help

Maybe what you feel now is low estradiol because of too much arimidex. Did you have bloodwork after taking it? The maximum dosage of arimidex I can handle is 1/5 of the pill which is 0,2 mg. Maybe you need arimidex but a much smaller dosage like 0,25 or even 0,125 it’s a very powerful medicine.

Maybe. Literally all I took was 0.5mg arimidex. Could that crash my e2? No bloods since taking it

0,5mg arimidex can definitely crash your estradiol. I think that’s what happened to you and that’s why you felt worse. I have experienced crashed estrogen and it feels worse than high estradiol. What you can do (if you wanna manage your estradiol by using arimidex) is to buy a microgram scale and cut the pills really small like 0,03-0,125.You can do this easily using the microgram scale. That way you can start on a very low dosage of arimidex in case that you are an overresponder.

I’ll do that. How long should I wait for 0.5mg to clear my system?

Provided you reached a steady state, in 10 days it will clear your system, however recovering from low/crashed E2 varies from person to person, taking days to weeks and months in some extreme cases.

First of all you need bloodwork to confirm if your estradiol is crashed. After that you either have to wait or inject some testosterone or take a compound that aromatizes like dianabol to bring your estradiol up faster. In my case my estradiol goes up relatively fast like 2-4 days max unless I take more arimidex and crash it even further. Good thing I can recognize low estradiol symptoms so I fix it relatively fast.

The tricky thing about estrogen is there’s a lag time between rising levels and response, so once E2 levels have risen, some time must pass before you actually feel it.

This makes dosing AI’s particularly troublesome because E2 could have peaked a day ago and then you dose the AI thinking levels are high after E2 is already on the decline.

Is it true test cyp aromatises less than enanthate?

How long did you take the AI for??? You posted a lab value almost triple the max of the reference range and now this thread turned into a low/crashed E2 debate, I just can’t I just can’t.

OP what did you feel pre AI, and what do you feel post AI? What are the main differences? When is your next blood work?

It’s the other way around.

Everything points towards there being something really wrong. Is it normal for my TT to shoot to top of the range, almost too high, with four 60mg shots of test e? I’m hoping this endo/andro can help tomorrow otherwise I’m truly screwed. I have no function, no feeling, and no emotions.

You should have your bloodwork first in my opinion!!!


So this top endo/andro said very recent studies suggest recovery within 12 months is highly likely. He also said recent evidence supports the theory of pcts, tamoxifen specifically. So he’s given me the motivation to power through another PCT and give it 12 months.

Dude get your stories straight !!! You’re blaming this on .5mgs AI yet you say it’s been going on for 3 years.

Again you’re talking nonsense …

None of this is helping and it’s counterproductive.

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