Aromatisation on Very Low Test E Dose

I’m taking test enanthate every four days for around two weeks. This has happened to my estradiol. Why? I feel terrible. I’ve taken 0.5mg anastrozole and it hasn’t helped at all.

What is your Test dosage?

You’re still very early on in TRT to be taking an AI as well… AI makes a lot of people feel like shit (when taken if not needed).

Just 60mg test enanthate every four days and it’s put my test to top of range but blown my estrogen right up. The top figure is estradiol and bottom is total test.

I felt terrible before the AI also - that estradiol is crazy high and I feel/felt it

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Large and moderate size injections can spike the E2 high which can cause symptoms. If you were to inject smaller doses more frequently, you might be able to get away with less Test while achieving similar T levels and lower E2.

You are a high converter and don’t feel good with that high E2. Simple as that, don’t let people tippy toe around the issue.

That’s rough you have to deal with this only with 60mg E4D. What was your E2 before TRT?

Edit: at a ridiculous conversion rate such as yours I would say you need AI if I was a betting man. In your case more of it.

What can I do about it? I can’t find the results of my pre-trt E2 all I know is it is in range off trt.

Why isn’t 0.5mg anastrozole helping? I literally feel there’s nothing I can do now. I feel terrible off try and terrible on.

What is your TT? Are you a super responder in general in where you can lower dose further? In your case if you can absolutely confirm that you felt better once adding AI I would just incorporate a higher dose of AI. We are all different, if your TT is just OK at that dose and you convert that much you are pretty much at no choice but adding more AI, in my opinion.

Don’t try to follow anyone else’s protocol or target levels. I can most likely lower my dose but I like injecting 150-160mg a week and with that I absolutely need an AI to feel better, no ands or ifs about it.

IM vs Sub Q didn’t matter, injection site did not matter, injecting 50 times a day didn’t matter (jokes aside actually I feel worse going ED/EOD than Twice a week or higher).

My TT is the bottom figure in the screenshot. I’m not responding to AI at all. In fact it’s making me feel worse - anhedonia and numb genitals (even more than before). I’ve seen a protocol using test cyp 12.5mg ED think that might help?

How long have you been at this? So the AI made it worse? I would still say if you raise the T and lower E2 together at the same time you will feel better.

I was using trt successfully for around two years then in 2020 I got a bit carried away (lockdown stress) and injected too much - my TT and E2 went really high - and since then I can’t get the balance right. Like I developed an allergy. Or damaged something.

Damn well that’s interesting. Back then there was no problems with the numbers on paper?

Nope everything was fine then I just thought hey I can handle more and maybe go from trt to bodybuilding and my body hated it

I’m paying £300 on Tuesday to this guy to try to help me

That will be the fifth doctor

Hopefully there isn’t something sinister underneath this all in your case, and the answer is just to raise TT and lower E2.

I myself am not a high converter in the numbers sense, I just don’t like it to go over 30.

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As my TT is top of range and AI isn’t working…it really does look like something sinister is going on

I remember there is a dude on Reddit I ran across that has to take 3 mg of arimidex a week at similar dose of T a week (100-120). But yeah your case is strange with the sudden change.

So if you took an AI and didn’t feel even a little bit different, then the high E2 isn’t your problem and you’re chasing your tail.

If you have an elevated C-reactive protein marker you’re going to get a false elevation when using the standard nonsenstitve E2 test.

This is a contradiction, you say you’re not responding to the AI at all but then say it’s making you feel worse which in my book is responding to the AI and therefore it’s having the intended affect.

This means high E2 isn’t your problem.