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Aromatase Inhibitors

Hey guys I was just wondering what the consensus was on ai.

Do you guys just take this from the get go with every cycle or do you wait for unwanted sides like itchy/sore nipples?

Can you always feel gynecomastia happening?
Or can it just happen and you don’t really notice until your your nips are bigger?

Currently utd but only taking .125mg anastrazole eod.

I decided to run from the get go just in case at 0.5mg EOD. It would be my worst nightmare to get gyno. Others only start when they notice sides. Its personal preference.

why the fuck would you want to wait until you started developing breast tissue to take your AI?

All personal preference really. Decide what’s best for you.

using an AI will help make your cycle better, as most AI’s tend to lower SHBG and increase free test.

and running an AI actually helps you recover from a cycle better… if your estrogen gets too high, it doesn’t just magically go away at the end of the cycle. and estrogen is more suppressive for you HPTA than high testosterone, too…

however, Arimdex and Femara don’t mix well with Nolvadex, so if you run the AI into PCT, either you need to switch to Aromasin, or assume that PCT isn’t gonna kick in until the AI is out of your body.

it might be surprising to some, but most SERMs actually raise estrogen, even if only a couple % or so. no big deal if you managed estrogen on cycle, but if you didn’t, then you can expect to get gyno, or a weird dip after PCT where you don’t recover.

while i’m on the subject, a lot of guys notice estrogen issues with HCG… that’s why i believe one should use as little as needed, as short as needed. and don’t run it into PCT, as it does not facilitate HPTA recovery. HCG mimics LH, so if you have high LH levels, then your HPTA will assume that you’re recovered already…