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Aromatase Inhibitors at 18?

im thinking about using DAA alongside LG sciences formadrol extreme, will this do more harm than good for an 18 year old? i have been bodybuilding for two solid years and have worked my ass off everyday, trying to find more that i can do to improve myself , is this stack a viable option if ran for about 2 weeks ?

ive read people say a thousand times that you should wait untill atleast 21 before boosting test ETC. but phill heath started at 17, nobody told him to wait to 21. all opinions are welcome , im not already taking theese so please reply to help me out , not to start an arguement , thanks


are they just test boosters? If so then you’ll probably not do yourself any harm but considering you’re 18 you’ll most likely just be wasting your money. You’ve got the best hormone profile you’ll ever have right now.

Save your money and spend it on steaks instead.

Agreed. Just go buy some food.

Probably won’t hurt anything but won’t help either. Especially for two weeks.

Phil Heath is a genetic freak and I doubt he was just using something like formadrol and DAA…