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Aromatase Inhibitor/Other Options for 21 Y/0 with High Estrogen and Low Test?

Looking for some of your guy’s opinion on what steps I should take next. For most of my life, and more so this past year, I had suspicion that my estradiol levels were on the higher end and my test were low for someone with my age of 21 years old with 4 years of consistent training. The main symptoms were/are low sex drive, decrease morning wood/ erections in general (way to young for this shit), fatigue, insomnia, gyno, feeling and feeling abnormally emotional/moody and depressed, water retention and bloating. As for the really shitty ones: any weight I gain is fat around the hips/waist/chest and any weight lost is mostly muscle no matter how i go about my nutrition/training. Anyway for the first time In a while I got some blood work done and unfortunately I was correct about my levels:

1.29 “0.40-4.50” mIU/L
0.72 High" <.45" pg/mL
38 High <30 pg/mL
680 "250-1100"ng/dL
65.5 "46.0-224.0"pg/mL
134.8 “110.0-575.0” ng/dL
51 High “10-50” nmol/L
4.5 “3.6-5.1” g/dL

I already do pretty much everything out their keep estrogen down/ and (try) to keep hormones levels in check naturally like avoiding soy, plastics, parabens, etc, taking zinc, mag, vitimnes and good amount of carbs and fat/ calories. But still my free estradiol is pretty high. Even though my total T is average, the free and bioavailable levels are pretty low considering my age and what not. The biggest problem that seems to be mucking things up is the high SHBG levels. I’m going to see a endocrinologist soon, but I wanted to get some opinions on aromatase inhibitors, specifically anastrozole to get my estrogen levels down to decrease my SHBG and hopefully raise the T. Does anyone have any experience with anastrozole or any other AI? Side effects? Or if there in any other suggestions for what I should do I am all ears.

Thanks guys.

I would wait and see what the endo says but its doubtful he will treat slightly elevated E2. It seems your Free and BIO T are low because your T is bound up in your high SHBG. 38 isn’t crazy for a Test of nearly 700. I think you are barking up the wrong tree with E2 but I am not a doctor and just a TRT practitioner who reads a lot.