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Aromatase Inhibitor monotherapy?

Hi guys,

Posted on here a few times before. 24 years old, diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism. Being treated with Cabergoline to lower my prolactin. Specialist found my total testosterone was 13.9mnol on a reference range that goes from 10-28mnol. Given my severe symptoms, he agreed to put me on Testo Gel 50mg 5g sachet once a day.

I followed the regime for a couple of months, but did not notice any substantial symptom relief. I experienced severe headaches, raised blood pressure and increased abdominal bloating or, to be more accurate, what looked like “ballooning”! We therefore stopped the Testo Gel and I am now on nothing other than Cabergoline. My most recent total testosterone reading came back at 18.6mnol (not high or optimal, but definitely middle of the range). Symptoms however like ED, no libido, loss of muscle and increase of abdominal fat and mild Gynaecomastia persist and are impacting upon my quality of life.

Specialist tested my oestrogen levels and they came back at 180 on a reference range that goes from 70-172 mnol. He has prescribed an Aromatase Inhibitor called Anastrazole, I believe it’s brand name is Arimidex? Anyway, he thinks getting my oestrogen down to an optimal range might rid me of the bloating, low libido and Gyno. I have even read studies that suggest Anastrazole may INCREASE sperm count and thus negate the potential infertility issues TRT without HCG invariably brings. He has suggested 0.5mg of a 1mg tablet three times a week.

Question to the guys on this forum are: Any of you ever used an Aromatase Inhibitor as your only line of treatment without TRT? If so, which Aromatase Inhibitor did you use, what dosage did you take, and did you get significant symptom improvement or indeed severe side effects? Specialist said to me that, given the sides I got on Testo Gel, trying the Anastrazole only might be a safer and more effective way of upping my body’s own testosterone production, and thus reducing the chances of my needing to use TRT for the rest of my adult life.

At 24, the idea of becoming completely infertile is frightening, as is frankly the idea of balls shrinking! HCG in the UK is nationally out of stock, and I simply cannot afford the man weird and wonderful alternatives on the market, none of which, according to my specialist, are clinically proven to be as potent as HCG!

Any guys who have been in a similar scenario or indeed any guys who have done TRT with an Aromatase Inhibitor, please drop me a message. I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Thank you for your combined expertise!

You shouldn’t make multiple threads, it will scatter information and we will have to go on easter egg hunt in order to give advice. Try adding this thread and combined it with your other thread, this way all info is in one place. Just a suggestion.

My testicles pulled up tight in the beginning, few months later they started hanging again until my E2 was skyhigh months later and testicles shrunk up again. Elevated E2 will always cause your testes to shrink up. The reason you feel nothing from TRT is do to high E2, when E2 is high it blocks T receptor sites and you feel low T symptoms again.

Aromatase inhibitors don’t increase T, it suppresses E2 conversion from T–>FT–>E2. You need to ask your doctor for Sustanon 250 injectable form of T injecting once weekly. Creams and gel can cause lots of E2 conversion in men.

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