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Aromatase and hCG For Low Test

Recenty diagnosed with Low-Test and Low Sperm.

I’m 41 and my wife and I are thinking about having a child.

I have no personal experience with steroids or hormone modulators.

I am thinking about talking to my doctor about hCG plus an Aromatase Inhibitor to boost testosterone and give my balls a kick-start.

Any and all advice or suggestions are appreciated.

If sucessful I would like to try Androgel for Test boost and hope that this will help my s-l-o-w gains in the gym. Feedback from Androgel users would be helpful.

Androgel brought my T levels up a decent amount and seems to have had a noticable effect on my body composition, I have been losing fat ang gaining muscle since I have been on it where I was making next to no progress before. Haven’t noticed any mood or energy changes like you’re supposed to. I was on 2.5g/day, now 5g/day. Costs an arm and a leg, luckily I am covered.

I don’t know how it relates to your swimmers though.

I was recently prescribed androgel for a low test. count.

It’s really expensive and I only got the 2.5 gel

My doctor mever mentioned the downside of testosterone ie; The aromatization etc.

Any advice on how to ask my doctor for help on this and also how to get my dosage higher or get the shots instead…