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What exactly does it mean that aromasin is an irreversible steoridal aromatase inactivator? What is the practical significance and longterm and shorterm consequense of it PERMANENTLY binding to the aromatase enymes, preventehm them from ever completing their task of converting androgens into estrogen? Does this result in a permanent reduction in estrogen in the body? That doesn't seem possible. If so, how could you avoid too little estrogen in the body?


Never mind. I found my answer. With a little common sense and some research. What do people think of aromasin along with nolvadex for PCT, though?


A lot of people recommend that for pct, I have never tried it but im sure it's a good combination, I usually stick with nolva and clomid. It should work well as it averages an 85% rate of estrogen suppression and even raises testosterone as well.


Thanks jb


I rather not have the health issues to go with it, and would stick to just a SERM at that time. Things get a bit different when we don't have the high exogenous testosterone to aromatize.